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I am still looking for the following recordings featuring Webster Booth. If you have any of these recordings, I would be very grateful if you could send me an MP3 of the recording. I have many other recordings by Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler and would be happy to send you an MP3 in exchange.

 Some recordings have been listed as only one side. This means that I have already managed to obtain the other side of the recording on tape, CD or MP3.

If you can help, please leave a comment or fill in the contact form


Jean Collen April 2016

Photo taken in the early 1960s.
Photo taken in the early 1960s.


Decca F9921 Sanctuary of the Heart/Ketelby; He Bought My Heart At Calvary/Hamblen with choir of St Stephen’s Church Dulwich, Fela Sowande (organ) June 1952


 Test recording Serenata, Macushla Reginald Paul, C Studio, Small Queens Hall, London, 20 November 1929

  B8476 I’m all alone/May; I’ll wait for you/ Feiner, September 1936

 B9030 When You Wish Upon a Star/Pinocchio/ Harline; Rosita/Kennedy/Carr, 1939

 B9502 All Soul’s Day/ Richard Strauss; Memory Island/ Harrison/ Gerald Moore, September 1946

C2814 Neapolitan Nights, Light Opera Company with Webster Booth

C2827 Memories of Tosti/La Scala Singers with Webster Booth

Ave Maria/Schubert, Ernest Lush (unpublished) – Also recorded on 11 August 1939

Here Comes the Bride Selection/Schwartz/Light Opera Company with Alice Moxon, Stuart Robertson, Webster Booth, George Baker/Ray Noble/Studio C, Small Queens Hall, London/Cc18897-4, 25 March 1930 (Number unknown)

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