These were the last broadcasts featuring Anne and Webster on their return to the UK in 1978. This is a photo of Anne and Webster shortly after their return with Penny, a dog to whom Webster was deeply devoted.


Woman’s HourBBC Radio 2, 6 May 1970 14.01 Introduced by: Marjorie Anderson. ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH talk to SUE MACGREGOR. JILL BALCON. They were living in Knysna, South Africa when this broadcast was recorded.

Woman’s Hour – BBC Radio 4 FM, 12 May 1978 13.45 Introduced from Wales by Sue MacGregor. In Harmony: ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH have recently set up home in Wales after 20 years in South Africa.

  1978 – BBC Afternoon. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, interviewed by Mavis Nicholson

Pierrots and Fol de Rols – BBC Radio 4 FM, 23 May 1979 19.45 Cyril Fletcher revives memories of Concert Party with the help of many stars and personalities who started their careers there, including ARTHUR ASKEY, JACK WARNER, STANLEY HOLLOWAY, LESLIE CROWTHER, BILL PERTWEE, WALTER MIDGLEY, ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH, ELSIE AND DORIS WATERS, and GREATREX NEWMAN. Research by GREATREX NEWMAN and BILL PERTWEE. Producer MICHAEL FORD BBC Birmingham.

29 August 1979. 6.20 pm Wyn Calvin, BBC Radio Wales, It’s a Grand Night for Singing. Jess Yates introduces half an hour of music with additional guests, Margaret Lacey, Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler. Producer: David Richards.Director: Islywyn Maelor Evans.

Lovers Come Back – BBC Radio 4 FM, 21 December 1979 16.10 The lives and music of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, written and presented by Frank Dixon. You could be well into your 40s without knowing what Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth meant to those of us who were around during and after the war. Anne and Webster were – and still are – all about romance. Judi Goodwin met and interviewed Anne Ziegler and Webster BoothProducer Herbert SmithBBC Manchester.
1 April 1980. Granada Television. Liz Howell at Rhos-On-Sea, North Wales. Brief interview with Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler.
Click on the link to see the video. 1980 ONLY A ROSE TV APPEARANCE
Only a Rose (Radio Series) – BBC Radio 2, 6 August 1980 21.15  Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth recall on-stage memories and back-stage glimpses of many of the great artists they have met in the theatre, concert hall and studio.
Producer DAVID WELSBY BBC Birmingham.Part of Anne and Webster’s reminiscences in the Only a Rose series. More may be heard on YouTube or at Ziegler Booth Radio.


2 October 1980 – Nationwide. BBC 1 Television. Laurie Mayer reports from Conwy where Jess Yates, former presenter of ITV’S Stars on Sunday, has lived in seclusion since his career was destroyed by the Press, especially News of World when they discovered he was living with KAY, a girl half his age, in 1974; & interviews YATES, his companion Anita Kay, Katie Brooks, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth (former singing stars, & friends of YATES. ZIEGLER & BOOTH sing to his accompaniment on electric organ.



January 29 1981 – BBC Two. 8.30 Russell Chat show, with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth as guests. Anne criticised the low standard of South Africans fledgling TV service. Russell Harty with his guests Dorothy Stevens & Saxon (dog who stars in films/TV), Paul Breeze & wife Lynn, Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth (old radio singing stars). Ziegler & Booth talk about their marriage, why they went to South Africa & type of life they led, now back & living in N.Wales.

5 March 1981 – Russell Harty Show, BBC 2 Television. Live show from the Palace Theatre Manchester to celebrate its imminent reopening. Harty gives a history of the theatre & there are performances by and interviews with old performers. Nat Mills, Arthur English, Eric Hawkesworth paper tearer, Gill Banks and Sid Green Stagehands, Nat Jackley, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.

Russell Harty – BBC Two England, 20 April 1981 20.30 presents some of the memorable people, performances and happenings from his recent venture into the unpredictable world of live television, including Rod Stewart, Hot Gossip, Hercules the Bear, Peter O’Toole, Lily Tomlin, Shakin’ Stevens, The Hallé Choir, Sooty, Diana Dors, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jan Leeming and, of course, Grace Jones. Producers TOM GUTTERIDGE, KEN STEPHINSON. Editor GORDON WATTS

30 July 1981 – Recording started at Grampian last week of a new six-part series in which well-known people who have left the limelight are interviewed about how they have made new lives for themselves. Jimmy Mack is the interviewer for the series, which is for half -hour slots. In the first programme two former singing duos are interviewed, Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson and Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.Chris Kay is producer and director of the series, called The Time of Your Lives, and it will be shown in the Grampian area in the autumn.

13 August 1981 with Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson

Ah, Yes! I Remember it Well BBC Radio 2, 11 April 1982 21.00 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, in company with The William Hand Ensemble, Harold Rich at the piano and artists on record, look back at some of the music, people and events that hold special memories for them in more than 50 years of music making. Producer DAVID WELSBY BBC Birmingham.

19 November 1982 60 Years – Local Radio Remembers BBC. A programme from the Savoy Hotel to celebrate the BBC Diamond Jubilee. Contributions from Doris Hare, Elsie Waters, Charlie Chester, Dame Anna Neagle,
Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.Music by Midnite Follies Orchestra, with
Ian Stewart (piano), Peter Duncan, Maurice Denham, Leslie Mitchell, Richard Murdoch, Percy Edwards, Henry Hall, Tony Wadsworth, Susan Briggs, Hugh Wontner, Joan Childs, Jean Melville, Basil Vernon, Reg Patrick, Judy Shirley, Charles Max-Muller, Margery Porter, Henry Hatch, Tommy Wadsworth, Anne Lenner, Al Baum, (speakers) John Parry, Evette Davis (vocalists)

The Golden Years – BBC Radio 2, 18 April 1984 22.00 Recalling the ballads of yesterday, and the much-loved artists who sang them, including music by Webster Booth, Anne Ziegler and Peter Dawson. Compiled and presented by Alan Keith. Producer TIM MCDONALD
Only a Rose.- BBC Two England, 31 July 1984 18.15Webster Booth, one of the finest British tenors of this century, died on 21 June this year, aged 82. In this film, made exactly a year before his death, he and his wife and partner Anne Ziegler talk about their career to James Hogg of Nationwide. It was Webster’s last television appearance. Producer JULIA MCLAREN. ONLY A  ROSE
 The Golden Years – BBC Radio 2, 26 November 1986 22.30 A sentimental look at the much-loved singers of the past, including Webster Booth, Anne Ziegler and Paul Robeson. Compiled and presented by Alan Keith. Producer MONICA COCKBURN.
Anne Ziegler (Series) – BBC Radio 2, 19 July 1987 18.30 presents some of her favourite records collected during more than 50 years of music making. Producer DAVID WELSBY BBC Pebble Mill.
It’s a Funny Business – BBC Radio 2, 14 October 1987 22.00 says Anne Ziegler. For 45 years, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth were the most popular man and wife partnership in show business. Mike Craig encourages Anne to reminisce about their long, successful career. BBC Manchester.. Presenter and Producer: Mike Craig.
22 September 1989 – BBC2. 7.30-8.00 pm, A Hundred Not Out: Centenary of the Blackpool Opera House. Programme Number RNWF933Y, Recorded on 26 July 1989. John Mundy narrates a programme about the Blackpool Opera House, celebrating its 100 year anniversary. Lord Delfont unveils roll of honour to commemorate the centenary. Among others, Anne Ziegler recalls the glamour of the shows. Featuring Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Mike Craig, Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, Frank Carson, Mike Yarwood, Marti Webb, Charlie Chester, Formby, Tommy, Bobby Ball, Stanley Holloway, Jimmy Jewell, Bernard Delfont, Bill Waddington, Brian Crompton, Anne Ziegler, Betty Driver, Harold Fielding, Ben Warris, Josef Locke, Ken Robinson, (theatre-goer), Alfred Black, (theatre producer), Lisa Waddington, George Black (theatre producer), Dickie Hurran, Elizabeth Buzzard,Jack Taylor (theatre producer), Peter Rigby Camera), Bernie Lowe (Camera), Mel Cross (Camera), John Mundy (Narrator), Terry Wheeler (Producer).
The Golden Years (Series) BBC Radio 2, 30 January 1991 21.30 Last in the series featuring the great ballad singers of yesterday on record. This week featuring Richard Crooks, Lily Morris, Heddle Nash , John McCormack ,Norman Allin , Peter Dawson , Anne Ziegler and Webster BoothPresented by Alan Keith. Producer Bridget Apps.
The Seven AgesBBC Radio 2, 16 October 1991 21.30 In the last programme of the series, Anne Ziegler talks to Peter Haigh about one of the best-loved musical partnerships of the 40s and 50s – Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth – and introduces some of her favourite recordings.Producer:  David Welsby.
 The Webster Booth StoryBBC Radio 2, 28 June 1994 21.00 Robin Gregory recalls the life and career of the great English tenor Leslie Webster Booth, who died ten years ago this month. Booth’s widow and former singing partner Anne Ziegler shares her memories of an artist who was equally at home in oratorio or variety. Other comments come from impresario Harold Fielding,  accompanist Gladys Midgley and presenter Brian Kay, and the programme includes examples of Booth’s solo and duet recordings. Contributors to programme: Wife/soprano: Anne Ziegler, son Keith Leslie Booth, brother Edwin Norman Booth, impresario: Harold Fielding, Accompanist: Gladys Midgley (née Vernon), Former Kings Singer: Brian Kay, and soprano Lorely Dyer, second wife of Stanford Robinson. Presenter: Robin Gregory. Writer: Stephen Pattinson. Producer  Anthony Wills.
 —————————————————————————————————————————————-The Robinsons at the BBC – BBC Radio 2, 14 May 1996 21.00 Ian Wallace examines the very different conducting careers of brothers Stanford and Eric Robinson. Gwen Catley, Larry Adler, Anne Ziegler and Ivor Emmanuel are among those who recall their association with popular long-running series such as Music for You and Tuesday Serenade, and there are archive extracts featuring Maggie Teyte, Gigli and Jack Benny. Researcher Stephen Pattinson, Producer Anthony Wills.
Radio’s Golden Greats – BBC Radio 2, 25 October 1997 19.30 As part of the BBC’s 75th anniversary, Roy Hudd presents a gala concert from Alexandra Palace, London. Robin Stapleton conducts the BBC Concert Orchestra, with guest artists paying tribute to, among others, Anne Ziegler , Bud Flanagan and Joyce Grenfell. During the interval, Bob Sinfield looks at major events at the BBC during the war years. Producer Alan Boyd.

                                     Anne and Webster in 1983, the year before Webster’s death.

Compiled by Jean Collen (2014)
Updated: May 2017.





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MUSIC-HALL – Light Programme, 2 January 1946 13.15 with Foster and Clarke, Herschel Henlere , Issy Bonn, Peter Brough and Archie Andrews, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, and Gillie Potter.BBC Variety Orchestra. conducted by Charles Shadwell. Producer, John Sharman.

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 4 January 1946 20.00 with Harry Shields, Bert Waller and Dave Kidd, Jimmy Lyons, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jackie Hunter, Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders. BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Rae Jenkins.  Announcer, Lionel Marson. Producer, John Sharman.

NAVY MIXTURE – Light Programme, 26 January 1946 21.15 Paddie O’Neil introduces this week’s entertainment for the Royal Navy with her guest from Off the Liberty BoatStripey and BuntsMusic for the Messdeck provided by Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth; Peter Brough and Archie Andrews; BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Charles Shadwell. Produced by Charles Maxwell.

11 February 1946 20.00 VARIETY CAVALCADE. Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler.  

MUSIC FOR ROMANCE (SERIES) – Light Programme, 24 February 1946 19.15 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. with the George Melachrino Orchestra. A weekly programme of songs and orchestral music for all lovers of romantic melodies. Presented by Ronald Waldman.

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth in MUSIC FOR ROMANCE – Light Programme, 31 March 1946 19.15 – 12 May 1946 with the George Melachrino Orchestra. A weekly programme of songs and orchestral music for all lovers of romantic melodies.Presented by Ronald Waldman.

Victory Day MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 8 June 1946 19.45 Johnnie Riscoe and Violet Terry, Nosmo King, Peter Waring, Vincent Tildsley ‘s Mastersingers, Mr. Murgatroyd and Mr. Winterbottom, *Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth Only a Rose, Webster Booth: The Bells of St Mary’s, Anne Ziegler: Down in the Forest, Duet: Laugh at Life, Jewel and Warriss, Cicely Courtneidge, BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Rae Jenkins. Announcer, Lionel Marson. Producer, John Sharman.

MUSIC-HALL – Light Programme, 14 August 1946 18.00 with Billy Kay, the Vickers Twins, Joe Murgatroyd and Poppett, Michael oward, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Sandy Powell.BBC Revue Orchestra conducted by Frank Cantell. Announcer. Lionel Marson. Producer, John Sharman.

22 September 1946 ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH present themselves on records.

CHRISTMAS CRACKERS – Light Programme, 24 December 1946 20.15 An all-star Variety show broadcast from His Majesty’s Theatre (by permission of Jack Hylton) with Arthur Askey; Lilian Braithwaite; Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth; Jeanne de Casalis; Anne Shelton; Claude Hulbert and Enid Trevor; Jack Warner; the Luton Girls Choir: conductor, Arthur Davies. Master of Ceremonies. Joe Linnane. Sydney Lipton and his Orchestra. Produced by Audrey Cameron and Tom Ronald.

ALL-STAR SHOW – Light Programme, 31 December 1946 20.45 A cavalcade of music by artists who have appeared in the Light Programme during 1946. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Anne Shelton, Rawicz and Landauer, Dorothy Squires accompanied by Billy Reid, Sam Browne and Mary Naylor, Raymond Newell, The Four Ramblers, Jean Cavall, Benny Lee, Albert Sandier and his Trio and Louis Levy and his Orchestra. The programme introduced by John Watt and presented by Henry Reed.


MUSIC-HALL – Light Programme, 5 January 1947 12.00 with Harry Shields. Bert Waller and Dave Kidd , Jimmy Lyons, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jackie Hunter, and Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders. BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Rae Jenkins. Announcer. Lionel Marson. Producer, John Sharman.

VARIETY- BBC Television, 18 January 1947 21.20 Introduced by Norman Wooland, Hugh Eliot (comedian), Valerie Tandy (songs), Horace King and Betty (illusionists), Martin May (songs at the piano), Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth (songs), Jackie Hunter (comedian). Orchestra directed by Eric Robinson.

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 26 April 1947 20.00 with Eddie Reindeer, Keith Wilbur, Buck Warren and Chic, Peter Brough with * Archie Andrews, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jimmy O’Dea, BBC Variety Orchestra, conducted by Rae Jenkins. Announcer, Lionel Marson. Producer, John Sharman.

Friday 30 May 1947 20.45 GALA VARIETY Light Programme, Introduced by Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Home with Elsie and Doris Waters, Tommy Handley with Diana Morrison and Joan Harben, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Eric Barker with Pearl Hackney, Jon Pertwee , Richard Gray , Humphrey Lestocq , and George Crow, Albert Sandler, Luton Girls’ Choir. Directed by Arthur E. Davies, Augmented  BBC Variety Orchestra, Conducted by Rae Jenkins. Produced by Ronald Waldman.

*Queen Mary had chosen Anne and Webster’s act as one of her favourite acts.

SATURDAY BANDSTAND – Light Programme, 21 June 1947 19.45 A musical entertainment, with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Iris Loveridge (piano) and The London Brass Players, Programme introduced by Peter Fettes. Produced and conducted by Harry Mortimer. From the Concert Hall, Broadcasting House, London.

VARIETY – BBC Television, 25 June 1947 20.30 with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth – (the singing stars), Mayura (dancer), Maida Trio (jugglers), Spence and Davies (musical clowns), Joy Harington (impressions), Stanley Andrews and his Orchestra, Produced by Michael Mills.

30 July 1947 21.15 Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler in THE STUDENT PRINCEBBC THEATRE ORCHESTRA – BBC Home Service Basic, 12 August 1947 19.30, Leader, Alfred Barker, Conducted by Harold Lowe and BBC Theatre Chorus – Chorus-Master, John Clements. Anne Ziegler (soprano) Webster Booth (tenor) in a programme of operetta music.

25 September 1947 ON WINGS OF SONG  Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth with the Melachrino Orchestra, conducted by George Melachrino in their new programme: On Wings of Song. Programme produced and introduced by Doris Arnold. This was a weekly series which ran for some time.

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth in NEW MOON – BBC Home Service Basic, 29 September 1947 20.00 with Leslie Perrins. Book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, Frank Mandel, and Laurence Schwab. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Adapted for radio by Kenneth Pakeman, Tamworth Co-operative Choir – (Conductor. Albert Knight ) BBC Midland Light Orchestra  – (Leader. Frank Thomas), Music directed by Gilbert Vinter, Produced by Kenneth Pakeman in conjunction with William Hughes, Julie: Betty Huntley-Wright, Monsieur Beaunoir: Lester Mudditt, Capt Georges Duval: Wilfred Babbage, Vicomte Ribaud: Leslie Perrins, Fouchet: Robert Mawdesley, Robert: Webster Booth, Alexander: Reginald Purdell, Besac: Fred Yule, Jacques: Denis Folwell, Marianne: Anne Ziegler, Brunet: Hal Bryant, Philippe: Peter Wilde, sung by: Harry Porter, Clotilde: Joyce Barbour, Admiral de Jean: Bryan Johnson, Narrator: Bruce Belfrage.

SATURDAY NIGHT VARIETY – BBC Television, 11 October 1947 20.30 The Three Falcons, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Terry Thomas, Richard Hearne, Vera Lynn, The Band of the Scots Guards under the direction of Captain S. Rhodes. Pipers of the 2nd Battalion Scots Guards and The Girls, Stanley Andrews and his Orchestra. Ballet and dances arranged by Gemze de Lappe (principal dancer from Oklahoma) Produced by Walton Anderson From Radiolympia, Terry Thomas is appearing in Piccadilly Hayride.

VARIETY BAND-BOX – Light Programme, 12 October 1947 18.00 from the People’s Palace, London,  with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Derek Roy, Charmian Innes, Sydney Shaw, The Two Rascals, Davy Kaye, Norrie Sowman, Billy Ternent and his Orchestra, Produced by Joy Russell-Smith.

STARLIGHT-  BBC Home Service Basic, 13 October 1947 19.15 This week Christopher Stone invites Anne Ziegler to talk with him and to sing for you.

ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH – Light Programme, 30 October 1947 21.30 in their programme On Wings of Song with the Melachrino Orchestra. Conducted by George Melachrino.Produced and introduced by Doris Arnold.

MUSIC ALL THE WAY – Light Programme, 1 November 1947 19.15Tip-Top Tunes played by Geraldo and his Orchestra featuring Songs with Strings and the Geraldo String Choir. Presented by David Miller. 8.0 Family Favourites – Tunes you ask us to play. 8.30 Saturday Bandstand – National Band Festival. Massed Brass Bands  – Black Dyke Mills, Brighouse and Rastrick, Fairey Aviation Works, Harton Colliery, Luton, Munn and Felton’s Works, Park and Dare Parkhead Forge, Conducted by Sir Adrian Boult. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Luton Choral Society. Introduced by Peter Fettes.From the Daily Herald Festival Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

CALEDONIAN CABARET – BBC Home Service Basic, 10 December 1947 22.15 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Eric Barker and Pearl Hackney, Harry Ogilvie and his Orchestra. Master of Ceremonies – Gerry Wilmot. From the Salutation Hotel, Perth.

WORKERS’ PLAYTIME – BBC Home Service Basic, 23 December 1947 12.30 from Westminster Hospital. With Johnny Denis and his Novelty Music, Peter Cavanagh , and Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. George Myddleton at the piano. Presented by Bryan Sears.


MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 14 February 1948 20.00 with Holt and Maurice, Albert Whelan, Beryl Orde, Joey Porter, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Sandy Powell.BBC Variety Orchestra Conducted by Rae Jenkins. Announcer, Denys Drower. Producer, John Sharman.

Rae Jenkins


ARIETY BANDBOX – Light Programme, 29 February 1948 17.00 from the People’s Palace, London,  with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Derek Roy, Primo Scala and his Accordion Band, Edna Hatzfeld and Alan Paul, Roy Walker, Bob Andrews. Billy Ternent and his Orchestra. Introduced by Philip Slessor, Produced by Joy Russell -Smith.

STARS IN YOUR EYES – BBC Television, 12 March 1948 21.15 with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jimmy Edwards, Elton Hayes, Orchestra directed by Eric Robinson, Presented by Michael Mills.

Anne and Webster went on a concert tour to New Zealand and Australia in May of 1948. They did several broadcasts in South Africa while their ship sailed round South African ports.

 Broadcasting at the SABC, Johannesburg (1948).

6 November 1948 – IN TOWN TONIGHT. Anne and Webster appeared on this programme the day after their return from the tour of Australia and New Zealand.

ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH – Light Programme, 25 November 1948 19.30 bring you songs of today and yesterday with Sidney Torch and his Orchestra. Introduced by Peter Fettes.Presented by Elizabeth Tyson.

A series of programmes which lasted for some time.

TO TOWN WITH TERRY – BBC Home Service Basic, 20 December 1948 18.45 Ethel Revnell, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Ruth Dunning, Claude Hulbert and Enid Trevor, April, May, and June and Terry Thomas. BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins, Script by Talbot Rothwell and Terry Thomas, Production by Audrey Cameron.

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 25 December 1948 18.30 Roy Walker, Beryl Orde, Peter Brough with Archie Andrews, Vera Lynn, Jack Warner, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Vic Oliver, BBC Variety Orchestra Conducted by Rae Jenkins, Announcer, Denys Drower, Producer, John Sharman.


STARS IN YOUR EYES – BBC Television, 8 January 1949 20.30 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Bernard Miles, Terry Thomas, Maurice Denham, Dinah Miller,The Wendy Toye Ballet-Hoo with Hermione Burton, Mark Baring, Claudine Goodfellow, Bret Daniels, Tamara Kirova, Alec Martin, Barbara Pearce. Donald Reed and Stars of the Opera – Kenneth Neate and Constance Shacklock in part of Act 2 Carmen by Bizet. Orchestra directed by Eric Robinson. Presented by Michael Mills

WOMAN’S HOUR – Light Programme, 31 January 1949 14.00 Introduced by Joan Griffiths. Today’s Guests: Singing in a Suitcase, by Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.

*R.A.F. BOMBER COMMAND REUNION – Light Programme, 12 March 1949 20.00 Listeners join members and ex-members of Bomber Command at their reunion in the Royal Albert Hall, London. *Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Stanley Holloway, Anne Shelton. Central Band of the R.A.F. (by permission of the Air Council) Conducted by Squadron-Leader A. E. Sims, M.B.E. Director of Music. Introduced by John Mills, Production by Harry Alan Towers Organised by the Evening News.

*Many members of the audience were inebriated at this reunion and Anne and Webster’s turn was not well-received. They cut it short!

VARIETY BANDBOX – Light Programme, 27 March 1949 21.00 from the Kilburn Empire, London with Albert Modley, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Michael Howard, Ronald Chesney, Tony Hancock, Eric James and George Myddleton, Benny Hill, The Harmaniacs. Billy Ternent and his Orchestra. Introduced by Philip Slessor. Produced by Bryan Sears.

RING UP THE CURTAIN! – BBC Home Service Basic, 29 March 1949 21.30 Anne Ziegler (soprano), Marie Burke (mezzo-soprano), Webster Booth (tenor), BBC Theatre Chorus (Chorus-Master. John Clements), BBC Theatre Orchestra (Leader. Alfred Barker) Conductor, Walter Goehr.

MUSICAL MEMORIES – Light Programme, 10 April 1949 14.15 The Melachrino Orchestra Conducted by George Melachrino with today’s guests: Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.

MUSIC-HALL –  BBC Home Service Basic, 23 April 1949 20.00 with Sandy Sandford, Adelaide Hall, Jeanne de Casalls, The Maple Leaf Four, Harry Hemsley, George Doonan, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins, Announcer, Denys Drower, Producer, Michael North.

STARLIGHT – ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH – BBC Television, 11 July 1949 21.15

VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 8 August 1949 21.15 Heralding Variety in the North with Stainless Stephen, Ronnie Ronalde, Dick Bentley, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Frankie Howerd, The Kordites, Ray Martin and his Orchestra. Produced by Bowker Andrews.

GALA CONCERT (Series) – Light Programme, 17 October 1949 20.00 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Rawicz and Landauer, The Luton Girls’ Choir directed by Arthur Davies, Mark Lubbock and his Orchestra. Introduced by Christopher Stone. This was a weekly series and ran to the end of 1949.

GALA CONCERT – Light Programme, 19 December 1949 20.00 with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Rawicz and Landauer, The Luton Girls’ Choir,Directed by Arthur Davies, Mark Lubbock and his Orchestra, Introduced by Christopher Stone. Myddleton, Mr. Postlethwaite and Mr. Hugglethorpe, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Robb Wilton, BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins, Master of Ceremonies, Ted Ray, Producer, Michael North.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 24 December 1949 20.00 with Warden and West, The Radio Revellers, Suzette Tarri, Eric James and George George Myddleton, Mr. Postlethwaite and Mr. Hugglethorpe,  Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Robb Wilton, BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins, Master of Ceremonies, Ted Ray. Producer, Michael North.

ANNE ZIEGLER and WEBSTER BOOTH – Light Programme, 26 December 1949 20.00 with Owen Walters and his Orchestra. Introduced by Peter Fettes,

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Television, 28 December 1949 20.40 Tessie O’Shea, Harry Green, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Leon (Shakespeare) Cortez, Luton Girls’ Choir, Laurie Watson, The Three Garcias, Dennis and Betty Railings, Leslie Roberts, Music-Hall Maids. Eric Robinson and his Augmented Orchestra, Produced by Richard Afton. From St. Pancras Assembly Hall.


VARIETY HALL OF FAME – Light Programme, 1 March 1950 21.00  From the stage, Leslie Henson, From music-hall, Max Miller, From musical comedy, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, From radio, Gladys Young and James McKechnie. Compere, Leslie Mitchell. BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins. Produced by David Miller.

VAUDEVILLE – Light Programme, 9 March 1950 19.30 An all-star Anglo-French Variety gala including Jeanne de Casalis, Stephane Grappelli and his Quintet , The George Mitchell Choir, Hella Toros, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, The Dance Orchestra, conducted by Stanley Black.

On television (1952)


MEMORIES OF MUSICAL COMEDY – BBC Home Service Basic, 23 March 1950 19.00 Cavalcade of theatre favourites with Anne Ziegler, Webster Booth. BBC Chorus – Chorus-Master, Leslie Woodgate. Mark Lubbock and his Orchestra, Producer, Edward Nash.

Medley of duets by Anne and Webster

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 20 May 1950 20.00 with Bernard Spear, Victor Seaforth, Jimmy Wheeler, Peggy Cochrane, Robert Moreton, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Leon Cortez. BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Rae Jenkins. Master of Ceremonies – Ted Ray. Producer, Michael North.

ROUND THE HALLS – Light Programme, 30 May 1950 19.30 with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Billy Russell, Billy Matchett, Tommy Reilly. Introduced by Philip Robinson. From the Palace Theatre. Blackpool.

LADIES, PLEASE! – Light Programme, 17 July 1950 21.15 An all-woman revue about women, for women with Jeanne de Casalis , Doris Hare Jane Barrett , Cecile Chevreau, Doris Rogers , Lind Joyce, Marie Korchinska (harp), Anne Ziegler, Elsie Randolph. Men on Trial – This week’s victim, Peter Brough, BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor – Rae Jenkins, Script by Godfrey Harrison, Diana Morgan and Ronnie Hanbury. Production by Audrey Cameron.


ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH – BBC Home Service Basic, 10 August 1950 20.00 in a Summer Serenade with Sidney Torch and his Orchestra. Introduced by Leonard Sachs,Produced by Ronnie Hill.

Variety Concert from Harold Fielding’s MUSIC FOR THE MILLIONS – Light Programme, 21 August 1950 21.30 with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Radcliffe and Ray, Rawicz and Landauer. The Winter Gardens Orchestra – Conducted by Leslie Wheeler. Presented by Brian Johnston. From the Winter Gardens, Margate.


From the Television studio at THE RADIO SHOW, 1950 – BBC Television, 6 September 1950 20.00 at Castle Bromwich. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Boyer and Ravel.

WORKERS’ PLAYTIME – BBC Home Service Basic, 7 December 1950 12.30 from a canteen in Hawthorn near Pontypridd with the Hedley Ward Trio, Johnny Lockwood, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. James Moody at the piano. Presented by Alun Williams.


VARIETY BANDBOX – Light Programme, 18 March 1951 21.00 with Max Wall, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Douglas (Cardew) Robinson, Percy Edwards, The Beverley Sisters, Harry Locke, Lind Joyce, Dick Emery, The Harold Smart Quartet. Billy Ternent and his Orchestra. Produced by John Foreman.

FESTIVAL MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 5 May 1951 20.00 Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Charlie Kunz, The Splice of Life with Charlie Clapham, Bill Kerr and Diana Morrison.  This week only: Arthur Askey, The Radio Revellers, The Peter Knight Singers. Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra  – Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet, Produced by Bill Worsley.

Festival of Britain VARIETY – Light Programme, 6 May 1951 19.30 Part 1 – Artists broadcast in the following order: Max Miller; Donald Peers; Frankie Howerd; Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth; Danny Kaye : Music-Hall memories introducing George Robey. Albert Whelan. G. H Elliott. Bertha Willmott and Alan Dean.

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth in AIRS AND GRACES – Light Programme, 11 May 1951 22.20 with Max Jaffa (violin), Reginald Kilbey (cello), Jack Byfield (piano). Light Music String Ensemble Directed by Max Jaffa, Produced by Eric Arden.

FESTIVAL MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 2 June 1951 20.00 Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Charlie Kunz, The Splice of Life with Charlie Clapham, Bill Kerr and Diana Morrison. This week only: Elsie Waters and Doris Waters, Three Monarchs, The Peter Knight Singers.  Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conductor: by Paul Fenoulhet. Producer: Bill Worsley.

FESTIVAL MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 16 June 1951 20.00 Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Charlie Kunz, The Splice of Life with Charlie Clapham, Bill Kerr and Diana Morrison. This week only – Harry Lester and his Hayseeds, Al Read, The Peter Knight Singers, Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Bill Worsley.

KALEIDOSCOPE –BBC Television, 29 June 1951 20.35 An entertainment magazine including Close-Up on the familiar and unfamiliar:Actions Speak Louder than Words -A new novelty feature written by Godfrey Harrison, Pictures in the Fire with Jack Spurgeon and Joan Tucker, Song Time – Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.  Programme introduced by McDonald Hobley, The Kaleidoscope Girls, Dance Director: Joan Davis, Orchestra directed by Eric Robinson.


FESTIVAL MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 14 July 1951 20.00 Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Charlie Kunz, The Splice of Life with Charlie Clapham, Bill Kerr and Diana Morrison. This week only: The Four Aces, Ethel Revnell, The Peter Knight Singers. Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Bill Worsley.

First House ONE, TWO, THREE FOUR, FIVE…. – BBC Home Service Basic, 30 July 1951 19.00 with Flotsam introducing tonight : Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Max Wall, The Kordites, with Vic Hammett at the organ.

HULLO UP THERE! – BBC Television, 12 October 1951 21.15 A welcome to the new family of viewers in the North Country from some of Television’s favourite personalities including Ethel Revnell, Terry-Thomas and Richard Heame in an excerpt from a BBC Children’s Newsreel, Eric Barker, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. An excerpt from Cafe Continental. Puppet Corner, featuring: Muffin the Mule with Annette Mills (who writes the songs) and Ann Hogarth (who pulls the strings). Prudence Kitten and The Little Grey Rabbit (with Jan. Bussell and the Hogarth Glove Puppets). Ronnie Waldman ‘s. Puzzle Corner with a viewer competitor from Manchester. Joan Gilbert, Philip Hariben, Leslie Mitchell, Fred Streeter, Humphrey Lestocq, The George Mitchell Octet. Choreography by Haze Gee.Settings by Richard Greenough. Conductor: Eric Robinson, Production by W. Lyon. Shaw Seans and Bryan Seans.


Television’s CHRISTMAS PARTY – BBC Television, 25 December 1951 19.30 Join in the fun and games and meet many television personalities who have contributed to programmes during 1951. The guests include: Ethel Revnell, Terry-Thomas, Jewel and Warriss, Vic Oliver, Norman Wisdom, Rawicz and Landauer, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Petula Clark, The Twelve Toppers and many others. Music provided by Eric Robinson and his Orchestra, Your hosts:Leslie Mitchell and Jerry Desmonde, Presented by the Television Light Entertainment Department.


MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 16 February 1952 20.00 Harry Robbins, Davey Kaye, Jill Manners, Charlie Forsythe and Addie Seamon, Eddie Calvert, Hal Monty, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Richard Murdoch and Kenneth Horne. Introduced by Norman Wooland. Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Bill Worsley.

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 5 April 1952 20.00 Sonny Farrar, Cardew Robinson, The Radio Revellers, Morris and Cowley, Eugene Pini, Jeanne de Casalis, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Harry Mooney and Victor King. Introduced by Bill Gates, Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Bill Worsley.

VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 8 May 1952 20.00 High-speed Variety from the North of England with The Kordites, Leslie Sarony, Jimmy Wheeler, Ronald Chesney, Bill Kerr, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Ken Platt. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Vilem Tausky. Introduced by Alan Clarke. Produced by Ronnie Taylor.

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 31 May 1952 20.00 Sid Millward and his Nitwits, Jean Kennedy, Percy Edwards, Charlie Clapham, Terry Harry Korris and Elva Sheridan, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Derek Roy. Introduced by Bill Gates. Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Bill Worsley.

VARIETY CONCERT HALL – Light Programme, 29 June 1952 16.15  Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Eric Barker, Tommy Reilly, Worthing Municipal Orchestra under the direction of Herbert Lodge, Introduced by Brian Johnston, From the Pier Pavilion, Worthing.

VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 15 July 1952 19.30 High-speed Variety from the North of England with the Kordites, Jack Simpson, Eddie Arnold, Ken Frith and his magic pianos, Michael Howard, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Jimmy Edwards. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Vilem Tausky. Produced by Ronnie Taylor.

BRIGHT LIGHTS – Light Programme, 26 September 1952 20.45 Autumn listening in the Light Programme. Kenneth Adam Controller, Light Programme outlines the programmes planned for the next three months. Val Gielgud discusses new plays and serials. Michael Standing reviews current and new Variety shows. Previews of The Forces’ Show – Richard Murdoch. Kenneth Horne, and Sam Costa. BBC Show Band directed by Cyril Stapleton. Life with the Lyons Bebe Daniels, Ben Lyon – Barbara and Richard Lyon. Wilfred Pickles in Can I Come In? BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Gilbert Vinter, Book by the Fire – Alan Melville, Anne Ziegler and Webster BoothAny Questions? Freddy Grisewood. All Star Bill  – Frankie Howerd and Derek Roy, The Dance Orchestra conducted by Stanley Black, Introduced by Franklin Engelmann, Produced by Phyllis Robinson.

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth in DUET – Light Programme, 16 October 1952 20.30 with the augmented BBC Revue Orchestra – Conducted by Guy Daines. Soprano: Anne Ziegler, Tenor: Webster Booth.

VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 7 November 1952 20.00 High-Speed Variety from the North of England. The Kordites, The Tanner Sisters, Bernard Spear, Tollefsen, Tony Fayne and David Evans, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Ken Platt. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra Conducted by Vilem Tausky. Introduced by Alan Clarke. Produced by Ronnie Taylor.


VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 19 December 1952 20.00 Presenting High Speed Variety:The Kordites, Ribton and Richards, Bob Monkhouse, Ivor Morton and Dave Kaye, Cardew Robinson, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Littlewood’s Girls Choir, Michael Howard. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra conducted by Vilem Tausky, Introduced by Alan Clarke, Produced in the North of England by Ronnie Taylor.



VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 30 January 1953 20.00  Presenting High Speed Variety – The Kordites, The Gaunt Brothers, Eddie Arnold, Ken Mackintosh, Morecambe and Wise, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Ken Platt, Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra Conducted by Vilem Tausky. Introduced by Alan Clarke. Produced in the North of England by Ronnie Taylor.

Alfred Marks in STAR BILL – Light Programme, 4 October 1953 21.10 Geraldine McEwan and Graham Stark, Guest Star: Brian Reece. To Sing to You: Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. The Radio Revellers, The George Mitchell Glee Club, The Stanley Black Concert Orchestra, Encore – Each week the stars take their curtain calls with the songs and tunes you want to hear. Written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. Produced by Alastair Scott-Johnston.

VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 4 December 1953 19.30 A high-speed entertainment – Martin Lukins, Tony (Silly Thing) Scott, The Radio Revellers, Jimmy Wheeler, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Ken Platt with the Kordites. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra Conducted by Vilem Tausky. Introduced by Alan Clarke. Produced by Ronnie Taylor.




VARIETY FANFARE – Light Programme, 6 May 1954 19.30 A high speed entertainment presenting: Little woods Girls’ Choir, Billy Maxam, Ivor Moreton and Dave Kaye, Harry Locke, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Charlie Chester with The Kordites. Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Alyn Ainsworth. Introduced by Alan Clarke. Produced by Eric Miller.

Flotsam (B. C. Hiliam) in 4 FOLLOW ON  – BBC Home Service Basic, 10 May 1954 20.30 Merging memories of yesterday with friendships of today. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Alma Cogan, Eileen Murphy, Eric Barker, The George Mitchell Choir, Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra – Conductor, Paul Fenoulhet. Production by Glyn Jones.

*TUESDAY SERENADE – Light Programme, 25 May 1954 20.30 Arranged and conducted by Stanford Robinson. BBC Concert Orchestra Leader, John Sharpe. BBC Chorus – Chorus Master, Leslie Woodgate. Anne Ziegler (soprano), Webster Booth (tenor), Joan Trimble and Valerie Trimble (two pianos), The programme Includes a selection from  Wild Violets by Robert Stolz, Ideale (WB), Canterbury Fair (AZ),

*The late Phyl Wise (friend and chorister) attended the recording of this broadcast.

31 May 1954 – BBC VARIETY PARADE: HELLO PLAYMATES; Script by Bob Monkhouse and Denis Goodwin. BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Paul Fenoulhet. Anne Ziegler appeared as guest artist, with Arthur Askey, Denis Goodwin, Irene Handl, Pat Coombs, Bob Monkhouse, David Nixon. Produced by Leslie Bridgmont.

The programme includes: Anne Ziegler and Arthur Askey – patter and duet with orchestra: The Keys of HeavenAnne Ziegler and Webster Booth sang snatches of: Only a Rose and Sweethearts.

BLACKPOOL NIGHT – Light Programme, 25 August 1954 21.00 A visit to the seaside to meet: Derek Roy – Ah yes! Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth – Songs in Duet, Ted Lune – Miles of Smiles, Gladys Morgan – That Woman from Wales, Reginald Dixon – Beside the Seaside, The Hedley Ward Trio –Three Boys and a Beat, Monty Norman – Make Mine Music, Bill Waddington – Lancashire’s Witty Willie, The Littlewood Songsters. The Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra Conducted by Alyn Ainsworth. Introduced by Jack Watson. Produced by Ronnie Taylor.


BLACKPOOL NIGHT – Light Programme, 15 September 1954 21.00 A visit to the seaside to meet Jimmy Edwards – Wake Up at the Back ThereAnne Ziegler and Webster Booth – Songs in Duet, Ted Lune- Miles of Smiles, Eddie Calvert  – The Man with the Golden Trumpet, Joan Turner – On Wings of Song, Albert and Les Ward – The Harmonious Discords, Denis Goodwin – I Wish I Was Dead, Reginald Dixon – Beside the Seaside, The Littlewood Songsters. The Augmented Northern Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Alyn Ainsworth. Introduced by Jack Watson. Produced by Eric Miller.

GARRISON THEATRE – BBC Television, 24 September 1954 20.45 from the Drill Hall of 451st (Chelsea) H.A.A. Regiment, R.A., T.A. The Duke of York’s Headquarters, London with Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Eve Boswell, The Voltaires, Lou Campara, The Spillanes, Compere, George Martin, Orchestra under the direction of Steve Race. Produced by Dennis Monger.

Jack Payne introduces SAY IT WITH MUSIC – Light Programme, 18 November 1954 20.00 A weekly parade of the Stars of Show Business :Dickie Valentine, Max Wall, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, The Ray Ellington Quartet ,The International Violinist – Alan Loveday. Band of the Week -Ken Mackintosh and his Orchestra, The Mitchell Choristers Directed by George Mitchell, The Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra Conductor, Paul Fenoulhet. Produced by Glyn Jones.

BALLAD CONCERT – BBC Home Service Basic, 23 November 1954 18.45 The old songs we still love sung by Anne Ziegler (soprano), Webster Booth (tenor),Geraint Evans (baritone) with David McCallum and the Spa Orchestra. At the organ, Felton Rapley. At the piano, Josephine Lee. The programme includes Four Jolly SailormenFriend o’ Mine, Down in the ForestLove’s Garden of RosesPhil the Fluter’s Ball. Introduced by Lionel Marson. Produced by Harold Neden


Richard Heame in MR. PASTRY’S SPICY LIFE – BBC Television, 4 December 1954 21.15 The Celebrated scrapbook of a personality with McDonald Hobley, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Laurie Payne, Cameron Hall. Script by Richard Hearne and Talbot Rothwell, Designer, Roy Oxley, Orchestra under the direction of Eric Robinson, Produced by Bill Ward,




Northern Variety Parade presents Norman Evans in MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME – BBC Home Service Basic, 8 March 1955 19.00 with Ethel Manners, Victor Seaforth, Jimmy Clitheroe, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, The Littlewood Songsters,The Kordites, Augmented BBC Northern Variety Orchestra – Conducted by Alyn Ainsworth, Script by Cass James, Produced by Ronnie Taylor.


BLACKPOOL NIGHT – Light Programme, 17 August 1955 21.00 A visit to the seaside to meet Reginald Dixon, The Hedley Ward Trio, Cardew Robinson, Les Howard, Daisy Mae and Company with Saveen, Roy Stevens, Hylda Baker, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Harry Secombe, Littlewoods Girls’ Choir. Augmented BBC Northern Variety Orchestra conducted by Alyn Ainsworth, Introduced by Jack Watson. Produced by Eric Miller.

HOLIDAY HOTEL – BBC Television, 11 September 1955 19.45 Stay with the stars at Blackpool and meet Jimmy Clitheroe, paging Joan Regan, Hylda Baker, Frank Cook, Two Earls, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, and Jack Watson. Final of the Summer Showgirl Competition judged by Raymond, Avis Scott , Donald Gray. Orchestra directed by Billy Ternent. Designer. Frederick Knapman. Produced by Barney Colehan and Ronnie Taylor. From the Norbreck Hydro. Blackpool.

A RENDEZVOUS – BBC Home Service Basic, 27 September 1955 22.45 Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth accompanied by Arthur Tatler at the piano.



MIDDAY MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 9 January 1956 12.20 – Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra Leader, George Deason, Conductor, Paul Fenoulhet, George Fierstone and his Quintet, Variety: Neville Taylor, TV: Bill Pertwee, Theatre: Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, In Town MIDDAY Today: Max Wall. Presented by Bill Worsley.

THE PETULA CLARK SHOW, BBC Television,10 January 1956. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth (guests)

MUSIC-HALL – BBC Home Service Basic, 6 July 1956 12.30 Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra Leader, John Jezard, Conductor, Paul Fenoulhet with the Peter Crawford Trio, George Williams, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, Beryl Reid. Presented by Bill Worsley.

The Booths sailed for South Africa in mid-July on board the Union Castle liner, the Pretoria Castle.



Compiled by Jean Collen 2014.

Updated May 2017.