If anyone has any of the recordings listed below, I would be very glad to have an MP3 of any one of them so that I can add it to the list of recordings in this group.

Missing Recordings

I read a post in The Golden Age of British Dance Bands by Javier Soria Laso about a data bass on the internet: (http://www.kellydatabase.org/Entry.aspx). I discovered a number of recordings by Webster Booth which I had not seen before – some of them had never been released. He featured in recordings by the HMV Light Opera Company and the Light Opera Male Chorus, sometimes in the chorus and sometimes as a soloist. I have included these recordings in my original list of missing recordings.

I wonder whether the unreleased recordings are still in circulation or whether they were discarded by HMV. I have a recording of Beauty’s Eyes (Tosti) which is marked as unreleased, also Anne Ziegler’s test recording of the Waltz Song from Merrie England. Possibly they were obtained from the Booths’ private record collection.

If anyone has any of the recordings listed below, I would be very glad to have an MP3 of any one of them so that I can add it to the list of recordings in this group.

WEBSTER BOOTH: Test recordings Serenata, Macushla Webster Booth, Reginald Paul, C Studio, Small Queens Hall, London, 20 November 1929.

Here Comes the Bride Selection (Schwartz) Light Opera Company with Alice Moxon, Stuart Robertson, Webster Booth, George Baker/Ray Noble/Studio C, Small Queens Hall, London/Cc18897-4, 25 March 1930.

C1890 Three Musketeers: Vocal Gems (Friml, Grey & Woodhouse),  Queen of my heart, Your eyes, March of the Musketeersparts 1 and 2, C Studio, Small Queen’s Hall, London, 7 April 1930. LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, ORCHESTRA: RAY NOBLE,  ALICE MOXON soprano, BESSIE JONES soprano, NELLIE WALKER contralto, ESSIE ACKLAND contralto, WALTER GLYNNE tenor, WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, GEORGE BAKER baritone, STUART ROBERTSON bass-baritone.

C1920 C B Cochrane’s 1930 Revue: Vocal Gems, parts 1 and 2 : Piccadilly, With a song in my heart,  Heaven, All the things you do,  Part 2: Bakerloo, Just as we used to do, The wind in the willows, What became of Mary? C Studio, Small Queen’s Hall London,  16 May 1930.  LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, ORCHESTRA: RAY NOBLE,  BESSIE JONES soprano, Alice MOXON soprano, NELLIE WALKER contralto, ESSIE ACKLAND contralto, WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, WALTER GLYNNE tenor, GEORGE BAKER baritone, STUART ROBERTSON bass-baritone.

Decca K630 HMS Pinafore Vocal Gems/Gilbert and Sullivan, Anne Welch, Victor Conway, Doris Owens, Webster Booth (1931)

I’m alone because I love you (Joe Young)/ When it’s sunset on the Nile (Ray Ellison & Ted RenardKensington Cinema, London, 6 March 1931. WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, W. BRUCE-JAMES organ Not released by HMV.

C2229 White Horse Inn: Vocal gems (Benatzky-Stolz), parts 1:   White Horse Inn, My song of love, Your eyes; Part 2 Ho-Dri-Ho, Goodbye, Sigesmund, It would be wonderful, Small Queen’s Hall London,  8 May 1931/14 May 1931, LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, Orchestra: RAY NOBLE,  BESSIE JONES soprano, NELLIE WALKER soprano, ESSIE ACKLAND contalto, GEORGE BAKER baritone,  STUART ROBERTSON bass-baritone,JOHN TURNER tenor,WEBSTER BOOTH tenor.

I have this recording. Webster must feature in the chorus for his solo voice cannot be heard.

C2501 Musical Comedy Marches, No 2 Studio, Abbey Road London,  7 November 1932,

C2511 Robert Burns Medley, parts 1 and 2: My love is like a red red rose,Green grow the rashes-O, Afton Water, No 2 Studio, Abbey Road London, 5 December 1932, 

C2716 Ballad Memories, Light Opera Company, including Peter Dawson, Webster Booth, Walter Glynne, George Baker, Gladys Peel, Essie Ackland. Date unknown.

Columbia DB 1658 ORCHESTRE RAYMONDE, with Webster Booth, tenor and Angela Parselles, soprano, Cond. George Walter (real name Walter Goehr) Date unknown.

B8078 A dream of paradise (Claude Littleton & Hamilton Gray)/The old rustic bridge by the mill (Joseph P Skelly) Kingsway Hall, London, 23 October 1933, WALTER GLYNNE tenor, CHORUS, organ HERBERT DAWSON (orchestra Lawrance COLLINGWOOD)  WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, JOHN TURNER tenor, EDWARD HALLAND baritone, PETER DAWSON bass-baritone, GEORGE BAKER baritone.

B8071 Sweet Genevieve (Tucker), solo STUART ROBERTSON;  At Trinity Church (Fred Gilbert), solo GEORGE BAKER; The honeysuckle and the bee (Fitz & Penn), solo STUART ROBERTSON; b) If you want to know the time (E W Rogers), solo GEORGE BAKER  Studio No 1, Abbey Road London England,  7 November 1933 LIGHT OPERA MALE CHORUS (orchestra: CLIFFORD GREENWOOD) WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, JOHN TURNER tenor, EDWARD HALLAND bass, LEONARD HUBBARD baritone.

This recording may be heard on Clypit: https://clyp.it/fjwbx5vs Thanks to Robert Godridge.

B8081 The saucy Arethusa (trad.), solo STUART ROBERTSON; The Bay of Biscay (Davy) Studio No 1, Abbey Road, London,  7 November 1933,

B8105 The glory of the Motherland (McCall); England (Besly); No 2 Studio, Abbey Road, London ,11 January 1934  PETER DAWSON bass-baritone (orchestra: CLIFFORD GREENWOOD), MALE QUARTET  JOHN TURNER, tenor, WEBSTER BOOTH tenor, GEORGE BAKER baritone, STUART ROBERTSON, bass.

C2814Neapolitan Nights, Selection sung in English: O sole mio; Torna; Funiculì Funiculà  Studio 1, London, 20 December 1935, LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, Orchestra: WALTER GOEHR,  INA SOUEZ (sop), WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) Chorus 8 men

C2827 Tosti Medley Part 1: Parted; Marechiare; Vorrei morire; Part 2: L’ultima canzone; Ideale; Mattinata; Goodbye, Studio 1. London 11 February 1936, LIGHT OPERA COMPANY Orchestra: WALTER GOEHR,  INA SOUEZ (sop), WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) Chorus 8 men (as La Scala Singers) Released1938?  

C2834 Spanish Medley, part 1 – Perjura; Lolita; La paloma; part 2 – La partida, El relicario; Ay ay ay, Studio 1, London, 10 February 1936 (as Sevillian Serenaders)

Waltz song (German)/Indian love call (Friml) Studio 3, London ,10 March 1936,
 ANNE ZIEGLER (sop)(p) Test recordings.

B8476I’m all alone/May; I’ll wait for you/ May, Webster Booth, Conductor: George Scott-Wood, Studio 2, London, 21 July 1936, released December 1936, deleted July 1939.

September 1936Gramophone. Webster Booth is a little off colour this month in two songs by May and Feiner, I’m All Alone and I’ll Wait for You, both with orchestra on HMV B8476 (2S. 6d.), but this does not detract from the fact that Mr Booth is probably the finest light tenor before the public to-day. 

CARELESS RAPTURE Selection (Ivor Novello) Side 1.   Why Is There Ever Goodbye?/Music In May,   Side 2.   The Manchuko/Finale – Music In May. 23 October 1936.

Released in December 1936 and deleted in April 1941.

C2878 Memories of Lehár, part 1: You are my heart’s delight, Love’s melody, Smokeland, Gipsy love; part 2: Foreign Legion, Count of Luxembourg, Love’s melody  Studio 2, London, 23 October 1936, LIGHT OPERA COMPANY, soloists ERIKA STORM, WEBSTER BOOTH (ten), BBC Male Voice Quartet (orchestra: WALTER GOEHR)

Gems from Glamorous Night (Novello) Webster Booth, Muriel Barron (number and date unknown)

My star/Little Son (Bassett Silver),  Studio 1 London  10 February 1937 
 WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) (orchestra: CLIFFORD GREENWOOD) Unissued.

I was sent these recordings by Bassett Silver’s son.

You’re mine (Sievier, de Rance) Studio 1, London, 10 February 1937
 WEBSTER BOOTH (ten)(orchestra WALTER GOEHR) Unissued.

Lakmé: O fair vision (Delibes, trans Claude Aveling) London,3 March 1939 

Soft and pure fraught with love (Flotow, trans Claude Aveling) London,  3 March 1939, 

Ave Maria/Schubert, Webster Booth (tenor) Ernest Lush (piano) 11 August 1939 Unpublished

DB 1877 MELODY OF THE WALTZ – Part 1: Waltzes by Gung’l; MELODY OF THE WALTZ; Part 2 : Waltzes by Gung’l, THE BOHEMIANS: light orchestra with Al Bollington at the Abbey Road studio Compton organ and Webster Booth, tenor. Released in October 1939 and deleted in February 1944.

B9030 Rosita (Kennedy/Carr)/When you wish upon a star (Harline & Washington)(Pinocchio)  Studio 1, London, 28 February 1940, WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) (orchestra CHARLES PRENTICE) Released April 1940. Deleted February 1944.

Rose of England: Crest of the Wave (Novello)/Beauty’s Eyes (F Paolo Tosti; F J Weatherley) Studio 3, London,27 March, 1941.
WEBSTER BOOTH (ten)(piano GERALD MOORE) Unissued.

I have Webster’s recording of Beauty’s Eyes by Tosti.

Merrie England: Come to Arcadie (German) Studio 3, London, 19 October 1941,

ANNE ZIEGLER (sop), WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) (orchestra: DEBROY SOMERS) Unissued.

July 1945 – War records Webster Booth, Sydney Burchall and Clarence Wright, sang in Songs Our Boys Sang and Marching Times.

These records were not for sale to the general public, but sets were available at most of the 5300 National Savings Centres throughout the Country. Further information was available from the National Savings Committee, Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, SW1.

Oft in the stilly night (trad; Tom Moore)/There is no death (O’Hara; Johnstone) St Mark’s Church, Hamilton Terrace, London , 11 January,1946 , WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) (organ HERBERT DAWSON) Unissued. Webster also made a recording of There is no Death for HMV which was issued.

B9502All Soul’s Day/ Richard Strauss; Memory Island/ Harrison/ Gerald Moore, 27 February 1946. Released October 1946. Deleted March 1952. OEA10882/3

October 1946 Gramophone Webster Booth (tenor), Gerald Moore (piano): All Soul’s Day, opus No 8 (Bernhoff/Richard Strauss); Memory Island (Askew/Harrison) HMV B9502 (10”)

Richard Strauss’s setting of All Soul’s Day calls for singing of considerable emotional stress, and when Webster Booth gets impassioned his voice loses the easy charm that is its chief characteristic. His words are a model of distinctness and the accompaniment of Gerald Moore is perfect, but the song is not a very happy choice.

The singer is more at home in Memory Island, in which a sailor home from the sea for good, casts his memory back, Masefield-wise, to the blue lagoons, coral islands and what not of the rover. It is a nice song with, for its type, an unusually good accompaniment.

Without a song (V Youmans; W Rose and E Eluscu)/ My song goes round the world (E Neubach; English version K J Kennedy, ?Hans May) London,8 January 1948, 
WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) Orchestra: ERIC ROBINSON Unissued.

If my songs were only winged (Reynaldo Hahn) London, 11 July 1950,  WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) Orchestra: MARK LUBBOCK Unissued.

Countess Maritza: Komm Zigeuner (Kalman; McConnell)  London,20 December 1950,
WEBSTER BOOTH (ten) Orchestra: MARK LUBBOCK Unissued.

Decca F9921 Sanctuary of the Heart (Ketelby)He Bought My Heart At Calvary (Hamblen) with choir of St Stephen’s Church Dulwich, Fela Sowande (organ) June 1952

Jean Collen Updated: 10 September, 2019


The Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler Appreciation Group on Facebook has acquired most of the recordings made by Webster and Anne. Until we come across some of the missing recordings (only about 10 sides to go now) I have been creating medleys for the group. Most of them last about half-an-hour and feature AZ-WB recordings and recordings by artists associated with them. Click on the links to listen to them and please let me know what you think of them.

The Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler Appreciation Group on Facebook has acquired most of the recordings made by Webster and Anne. Until we come across some of the missing recordings (only about 10 sides to go now) I have been creating medleys for the group. Most of them last about half-an-hour and feature AZ-WB recordings and recordings by artists associated with them. Click on the links to listen to them and please let me know what you think of them.

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6 January 2020 Serenade in the Night Medley: La Serenata (Tosti), Serenade in the Night (WB), Heimwee (S. le Roux-Marais), Toselli’s serenade (WB), Trees piano and (WB), Jealousy (Gade) https://clyp.it/czh5a0qt

21 January 2020: Serenade from Frasquita Robert McDonaugh, Liebestraum (WB), Caré Selve (Zanta Malan), Love passes by (WB), Merry Widow waltz, Show me the way (WB) Ragamuffin (Mantovani) https://clyp.it/1ekbbq4t

31 January 2020 February 2020 medley: Deep River (Alfredo Campoli), Nazareth (Webster Booth), Estrellita (AC), A Perfect Day (WB), Only My Song (AC), I Love Thee (WB), Tell Me Tonight (AC), If You Had but Known (WB), Summer Garden (Charles Williams) https://clyp.it/0mzdht0r


February 2019 Webster Booth, Japie Human, Salon Orchestra

Serenade (Frasquita) WB, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Japie Human), Just for Today (WB), Fascination (JH), Show Me the Way (WB), Dreaming (Salon Orchestra)


6 February 2020 Welsh medley, Ah, sweet mystery of life (WB), Sweet William, Sweet melody of night (WB), To a Wild Rose, Along th road to dreams (WB), Nimrod, Sylvia (WB), Savoy medley https://clyp.it/5c3nwjaz

Old Ballad Concert – McEachern, Gresham Singers, WB 26 February 1936 https://clyp.it/tsk0bmax


March medley 2019 Alfredo Campoli, Anne, Webster, Fred Hartley

Poupée Valse Alfredo Campoli, Slumber Song (Schumann) AZ,
Arioso (Bach) Campoli, I love thee (Grieg) WB, My Star (Bassett Silver) WB, Mystic Beauty (Fred Hartley)

March medley (2) 2019 Alfredo Campoli, Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler. Softly awakes my heart (AC), Bless this house (WB), The Poplar Tree (AZ), Gypsy Moon (AC), You are my heart’s delight (WB), Tell Me Tonight (AC). https://clyp.it/3xfdjwvd

6 March 2020 Scherzo Caprice (Leon Goossens/Templeton), Friend o’ Mine (WB), Longing (Haydn Wood), Show Me the Way (WB), Song of Summer (Ketelby) Sweet Melody of Night (WB) Fingerprints (Engleman quintet) https://clyp.it/cyivrbtb

10 March 2020 10 March 2020 Tango medley: Golden Autumn (Ketelby), My Star WB (Bassett Silver), Fascination, O, Dry Those Tears WB (del Riego), Tango, ‘Tis the Day WB (Leoncavallo), Vienna, City of My Dreams.https://clyp.it/30tppqhh

18 March 2020 Song of Paradise medley: Song of Paradise (AZ/WB) Song of Paradise (Albert Sandler), Marigold (Mayerl) Fred Hartley quintet, Music for Romance (AZ/WB), Without your love (AZ/WB), Music for Romance (Campoli), Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Campoli) https://clyp.it/5fvgrebh

18 March 2020 Dusk medley: Romance (Rubinstein), Bird Songs at Eventide (WB), None but the lonely heart (Tchaikowsky), Homing (WB), Jeanie with the light brown hair, If you had but known (WB), Dusk (Armstrong Gibbs), Sylvia (WB), Flower show (Charles Williams) https://clyp.it/huae4vte 


April medley 2019 – Harry Mortimer, WB, Albert Sandler, Debroy Somers https://clyp.it/4utgof3k

Good Friday selection WB JC https://clyp.it/2pjvsgv3


May medley 2019 Loch Lomond medley (Debroy Somers) Love is the key to all glory (AZ/WB) Greensleeves (WB), Gay Vienna (Robert Naylor) Sweethearts/One Day When We Were Young (WB) Dear Miss Phoebe selection ( Parr-Davies) I am grateful to Mike Taylor for several of these fine restorations. https://clyp.it/yv0yjszk

Mid-May medley 2019 Musette (Hartley), Come Back My Love (WB), Lehar medley (WB/AZ), Pomone Waltz (Albert Sandler), Show Me the Way (WB), Fledermaus fantasy (Rawicz and Landauer) https://clyp.it/3tt4axbh

Medley 29 May 2019: Horse Guards Whitehall, Giannina Mia WB, No, My Heart will Never Sing Again, Autumn Dream (Sydney Torch), May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You (WB), White Horse Inn medley (Peggy Cochrane) https://clyp.it/o5fiemig


June medley 2018 Gypsy Moon, Still as the night, Loch Lomond, We’ll Gather Lilacs, Ivor Novello medley, Waltz Medley, ‘Tis the Day, featuring Alfredo Campoli, Anne and Webster, Fred Hartley, Rawicz and Landauer. https://clyp.it/olllrro1

4 June 2019 The Three Musketeers, WB Because, Peter Dawson The Floral Dance, Fred Hartley Bonnie Dundee, AZ WB Here in the Quiet Hills, WB Macushla, Harold Williams Lords of the Air https://clyp.it/fw1t4t05

22 June. Always (Leslie-Smith) Dearest of All (Vernon Lathom-Sharp) Old Folks at Home (Campoli), I Hear You Calling Me, Tchaikowsky waltz (Rawicz & Landauer), Homing (del Riego) Throw Open Wide (May), Mignon (Nocetti) https://clyp.it/osk1chdz

27 June 2019: Down the mall (Charles Shadwell), May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You, There is no Death, A Love Song, (Charles Williams), Just for Today, Dusk (Armstrong Gibbs), Homing, Music Everywhere (Coates), Webster Booth and bands.


28 June 2019: Hornpipe medley: Hornpipe (Eric Coates), Say That You are Mine, Glow Worm Idyll (Paul Linke), Sylvia, The Whistler and His Dog (Harry Mortimer), Trees, Rendezvous (Brooklyn Ensemble) Danny Boy, Nights of Gladness (Harry Mortimer https://clyp.it/giu4fb5d


July medley 2018 All the world is waiting for the sunrise (Seitz), played by P. Sears from YouTube, Castles in the air (WB), Dance of the Wooden Dolls, Side by Side (Melville Gideon from the Co-optimists), Always (WB), Poor Butterfly (Hugo Rignold), Drinking song (WB).


27 July 2019 Narcissus, Bird Songs at Eventide (WB), Estrellita (Campoli), Absent (WB) Poeme (Campoli), Now is the Hour (AZ,WB), Vanity Fair (Anthony Collins)



August medley Alfredo Campoli, WB/AZ, Charles Ernesco https://clyp.it/d4itz5dn

7 August 2019 For You Alone (WB), Demande et Reponse (Albert Sandler), Somewhere a voice is Calling (WB), Two Sleepy People (Carroll Gibbons), O, Maiden, My Maiden (WB), Ma Curly-Headed Baby (Gershon Partington Quintet). https://clyp.it/vibxlrb1

20 August 2019 20 August 2019 Abide with me (WB), Harry Parr-Davies instrumental (Philip Sear), Count Your Blessings (Olive Groves) Burlesque Montague Philips (Philip Sear), Indian Summer (WB), Bal Masque https://clyp.it/w34xrguq


September medley 2018 Rawicz and Landauer, Webster Booth, Peter Dawson, Fred Hartley, Anne Ziegler feature in the September medley. https://clyp.it/guoyneoa

20 September 2019 WB medley: Love is a many splendid thing (Fred Hartley), Smilin’ through (WB), Smoke gets in your eyes (Billy Mayerl), Star of my soul (WB), Chanson (Albert Sandler), Somewhere a voice is calling (WB), Gypsy Baron, One day when we were young (WB), Softly awakes my heart (Albert Sandler) https://clyp.it/fxnepncy


1 October 2019 October medley: https://clyp.it/4c3bn22x Wood Nymphs (Eric Coates), The Rose of Tralee (WB), Love in Bloom (Billy Mayerl) The Shannon River ((John McCormack), Ivor Novello Medley (WB and Helen Hill), ‘Appy ‘Ampstead (Albert Ketelby)

19 October 2019 medley: https://clyp.it/5fw0hirc Parade of the pirates (Alfredo Campoli), Toselli serenade (WB), Carmen (Rawicz & Landauer), Ah yes, I remember it well (WB/AZ), Mary of Argyll (Scott-Wood), If You are There (WB), Laughing Cavalier (Haydn Wood)


15 November 2019 Handel in the Strand (Grainger), Bless this house (WB), A Quiet Stroll (Williams), Drink to Me Only (WB), Just a Corner of Heaven to Me (Peter Dawson), Indian Summer (WB), Gipsy Princess (Lehar) https://clyp.it/yqp0s5gb

November Medley 2018 A medley featuring Webster Booth, Alfredo Campoli. Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life (Campoli), Serenade from The Student Prince, Ay, ay, ay, Phil, the fluter’s ball, (WB), clyp.it/3ifexoar


1 December 2019 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Billy Mayerl), Ah, Moon of My Delight WB (Lehmann), popular tunes (Billy Mayerl), In the Shade of the Palm/Queen of June (WB), Butterflies in the Rain (Fred Hartley), Sweet Melody of Light (WB) Dancing Fool. https://clyp.it/user/3dacarmv

December Christmas broadcast 2015 #Christmas2015 A broadcast featuring Rawicz and Landauer, Webster Booth White Dove, and Anne Ziegler, Maurice Elwin – Josephine, At the end of the day, Little Road to Bethlehem, WB, Lift up your hearts (AZ/WB) Sylvia (WB) Silent Night (AZ/WB). O, Come All Ye Faithful (WB) Presented by me https://clyp.it/o5z5ttsu

Christmas Medley 2016 Albert Sandler, Rawicz and Landauer, Fred Hartley (piano), Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler. https://clyp.it/2cxcbsvt

Christmas medley 2018 When Big Ben Chimes, The Holy City, The Little Road to Bethlehem, Silent Night (with Anne Ziegler), The Star of Bethlehem, O, Come All Ye Faithful. https://clyp.it/b0zdg31t

December 2018 medley Campoli, Webster Booth, Rawicz and Landauer, Harold Williams, Malcolm McEachern in a selection for December https://clyp.it/emymfc1r

December 2019 Christmas medley The Lord’s Prayer, Nazareth, Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful (Webster Booth, Anne Ziegler), Poeme Op41 – 14 (Alfredo Campoli) https://clyp.it/b2jbz4wj

25 December 2019: 25 December 2019 Medley – Marche Loraine, Azulao (de los Angeles), Moths around the candle flame, Snow Bird (Dawson) Just for today (Booth) Melodie d’amour, Just a Corner of heaven for me (Dawson) Mignon https://clyp.it/yfj4nw5l

27 December 2019 27 December 2019 – medley for 2020: Over to you, Greensleeves (WB), Deep in the heart of a rose (WB/AZ), Dancing Fool, Everywhere I go (WB), Music everywhere, When Big Ben Chimes (WB), Nights of Gladness https://clyp.it/xgctoskc

List compiled: 15 March 2020, Jean Collen

Alfredo Campoli, Webster Booth 

Songs I Like, by Webster Booth. 14 September 1938. Broadcast. Not all the songs from the broadcast have been located. https://clyp.it/zhlyqgut

Morgen (Strauss)/Come into the Garden, Maud (Balfe) Recorded in January 1945 HMV C3418. Webster Booth, accompanied by Ernest Lush and Alfredo Campoli. Both records restored by Mike Taylor. https://clyp.it/2sfecfdh

Song of the Vagabonds (WB), Smilin’ Through (WB), Laat Ons nie van Liefde Weer Praat nie (WB/AZ), Showboat medley (Billy Mayerl), Just a Little Love, a Little Kiss (WB), Shine Through My Dreams, Love is My Reason (WB) https://clyp.it/giydvsrz

April 2019 medley: Scipio march (Mortimer), Let Me Dream in Your Arms Again (WB), Love is My Song (WB), Demande et Reponse (Albert Sandler), Stay with Me Forever (WB) (If You are There) Scottish medley (Debroy Somers) https://clyp.it/4utgof3k

May 2019 Loch Lomond medley (Debroy Somers) Love is the key to all glory (AZ/WB) Greensleeves (WB), Gay Vienna (Robert Naylor) Sweethearts/One Day When We Were Young (WB) Dear Miss Phoebe selection ( Parr-Davies) I am grateful to Mike Taylor for several of these fine restorations. https://clyp.it/yv0yjszk

Robert Naylor, Anne and Webster, Debroy Somers.

https://clyp.it/3tt4axbh May 2019 Waltz Time medley (Hans May) Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth (1945/1947) Albert Sandler on Violin.

Anne and Webster in the film “Waltz Time”
Mid-May Medley: Musette (Hartley), Come Back My Love (WB), Lehar medley (WB/AZ), Pomone Waltz (Albert Sandler), Show Me the Way (WB), Fledermaus fantasy (Rawicz and Landauer)
Medley 29 May 2019 Horse Guards Whitehall, Giannina Mia WB, No, My Heart will Never Sing Again, Autumn Dream (Sydney Torch), May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You (WB), White Horse Inn medley (Peggy Cochrane)
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Remembering Webster Booth on the 35th anniversary of his death on 21 June, and Anne Ziegler on the 109th anniversary of her birth on 22 June. https://clyp.it/osk1chdz Click on the link to listen to the anniversary medley.
Webster Booth (1936) Hornpipe medley: Hornpipe (Eric Coates), Say That You are Mine, Glow Worm Idyll (Paul Linke), Sylvia, The Whistler and His Dog (Harry Mortimer), Trees, Rendezvous (Brooklyn Ensemble) Danny Boy, Nights of Gladness (Harry Mortimer) https://clyp.it/giu4fb5d
27 June 2019 medley – Down the mall (Charles Shadwell), May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You, There is no Death, A Love Song, (Charles Williams), Just for Today, Dusk (Armstrong Gibbs), Homing, Music Everywhere (Coates), Webster Booth and bands. https://clyp.it/r3zlxbkz
1 July 2019 Hornpipe medley: Hornpipe (Eric Coates), Say That You are Mine, Glow Worm Idyll (Paul Linke), Sylvia, The Whistler and His Dog (Harry Mortimer), Trees, Rendezvous (Brooklyn Ensemble) Danny Boy, Nights of Gladness (Harry Mortimer) https://clyp.it/giu4fb5d
Irish medley 8 July 2019: Irish medley (Debroy Somers), The Snowy-breasted Pearl, Lullaby (Cyril Scott), Macushla, Trees (Julian Lloyd Webber). Irish medley with Webster Booth, Over to You (Eric Coates) https://clyp.it/jrdkmikj



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Thursday, 4 January 1940. 22.35 ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC played by the BBC Theatre Orchestra (leader, Tate Gilder ), Conductor, Stanford Robinson with Gwen Catley and Webster Booth, Wilfrid Parry and Charles Groves (pianofortes) and the BBC Theatre Chorus (trained by Charles Groves).

MUSIC IN THE EVENINGBBC Home Service Basic, 15 January 1940 18.35 with
Alan Paul  – A programme of music of a quiet nature .Singers: Dorothy Carless, Three in Harmony, Webster Booth.
The Players: Jean Pougnet , David Wise, Frederick Riddle, Anthony Pini , Victor Watson , John Cockerill , Arthur Gleghorn , Leon Goossens, Reginald Kell, Andrew Walkowski , Dennis Gomm. All arrangements by Alan Paul, devised and presented by John Burnaby and Alan Paul
Selected by Mark H. Lubbock and played by the BBC Theatre Orchestra – leader, Tate Gilder,conductor, Stanford Robinson. Gwen Catley ,Webster BoothWilfrid Parry and Charles Gloves (pianofortes), the Alfredo Campoli Trio, BBC Theatre Chorus (trained by Charles Groves)
SATURDAY AT NINE-THIRTY’ – BBC Home Service Basic, 27 January 1940 21.30
The story of the Popular Song with Marjorie Westbury, Webster Booth, John Rorke, The BBC Theatre Chorus (trained by Charles Groves), The BBC Theatre Orchestra (leader, Tate Gilder). The programme presented and conducted by Mark H. Lubbock.
Evelyn Dall (by permission of Bert Ambrose), Webster Booth, and John Bentley in General ReleaseSongs from current and forthcoming film issues with the Radio Graces, the BBC Theatre Chorus (trained by Charles Groves), BBC Theatre Orchestra (leader, Tate Gilder) The programme arranged and conducted by Reginald Burston, Compere, Hugh Morton.
Keen filmgoers, as well as many other listeners, will be interested to know that for this programme Reginald Burston has persuaded the producers and Jack Hylton to release the original scores of the new Band Waggon film, and Alexander Korda has released the original score of the incidental music for The Four FeathersAnother point of interest about the production is that Evelyn Dall , the popular dance-band  vocalist, is entering a new field, so far as sound broadcasting is concerned.
THE STORY OF THE POPULAR SONG – Forces Programme, 21 February 1940 21.45Devised and written by M. Willson Disher with  Marjorie Westbury, Webster Booth, John Rorke, The BBC Theatre Chorus (Trained by Charles Groves), The BBC Theatre Orchestra (Leader, Tate Gilder), The programme presented and conducted by Mark H. Lubbock.
SATURDAY AT NINE-THIRTY-FIVE – BBC Home Service Basic, 13 April 1940 21.35
Listeners’ Request Night with Webster Booth. The BBC Theatre Orchestra, Leader, Tate Gilder, Conducted by Harold Lowe.
A musical comedy/operetta by Bruno Hardt Warden. 
The music by Robert Stolz. Adapted for broadcasting from the English version by Holt Marvell, Hassard Short, Desmond Carter, and Reginald Purdell. The BBC Theatre Chorus (trained by Charles Groves). The BBC Theatre Orchestra, Leader, Tate Gilder, Conducted by Reginald Burston, Production by Martyn C. Webster.
Wild Violets was originally produced at Drury Lane in 1932. Set in Switzerland and involving all the best ingredients of melody and romance, it has one of the most tuneful scores written for the theatre during recent years, as most will agree who remember such numbers as You, just you, A girl has got my heart, and Don’t say good-bye.
Augusta: Dorothy Paul
Hans: Ernest Butcher
Greta, their daughter: Meg Titheradge
Otto Bergmann: Frank Drew,
Paul Hoffman: Webster Booth
Carl Hoffman, Paul’s son: Dudley Rolph
Erik Schmidt: Patrick Waddington
Madame Hoffman, Headmistress of the Chateau Violette: Dorothy Summers Mile.
Yvonne Duprez, assistant mistress at the Chateau: Yvette Damac.
Liesel: Marjorie Westbury
Mitzi:Billie Baker
Lena:Helen Crerar
Augusta, maid at the Chateau: Dorothy Paul
Hans,her sweetheart: Ernest Butcher
Mary Rutherford, the new girl from England: Heather Boys
Algernon Rutherford, her grandfather: Edgar Norfolk
Dr. Franck, music-master at the Chateau: John Morley
The narrator: Stuart Vinden.

21st October 1940Programme for the forces. 11.0 William Murdoch (Piano), Webster Booth (Tenor), Josef Hassid (Violin), Bruce Dargavel (Baritone).

17 November 1940 BBC THEATRE ORCHESTRA visits a West of England town. Popular concert by Stanford Robinson and BBC Theatre Orchestra supported by BBC Theatre Chorus, Olga Haley (soprano), Webster Booth (tenor), Jack Mackintosh (comet virtuoso)

for members of H.M. Forces (with their sweethearts and wives) given by The BBC Salon Orchestra, Leader, Jean Pougnet, Conductor, Leslie Bridgewater.
Margaret Eaves, Helen Clare, Webster Booth
and  Fredric Bayco at the organ.
 Introduced by Lionel Gamlin from  a West-Country concert hall.
The first part of the oratorio by Handel.  performance by the Huddersfield Choral Society – Chorus Master, Herbert Bardgett. Janet Hamilton-Smith (soprano), Maud Heaton (contralto), Webster Booth (tenor), Keith Falkner (bass).
The Society’s Orchestra, Leader, Reginald Stead. Conductor, Malcolm Sargent,
From a Northern concert hall.
There are several reasons for the traditional popularity of Messiah in the North: first, the choruses offer a unique blend of opportunities for great team-work and, in the many magnificent runs and crescendos, for showing off. Secondly, from the religious point of view the plain-spoken chapel-going North welcomes, perhaps subconsciously, the Protestant theology of the oratorio, the familiar words of which are all taken direct from the Bible. Thirdly, the North likes it because it knows it so well and so thoroughly just in the same way that many thousands of people like
Gilbert and Sullivan. It is said that familiarity breeds contempt, but it is impossible for anyone to have contempt for such a masterpiece as Messiah.
Part 2 of Messiah will be broadcast next Sunday at 4.15 by the Halle Society conducted by Dr. Malcolm Sargent. 
The second part of the oratorio by Handel. A performance by the Hallé Concerts Society, Isobel Baillie (soprano), Gladys Ripley (contralto), Webster Booth (tenor), Norman Walker (bass) Hallé Chorus, Hallé Orchestra – Leader, Laurance Turner, Conducted by Malcolm Sargent from a Northern concert hall.
WINTER GARDEN ORCHESTRA – Forces Programme, 9 January 1941 16.00
under the direction of Tom Jenkins with Webster Booth in a tea-time programme.
Birmingham-born Webster Booth began his professional life as an accountant. When he was eighteen he met Richard Wassell , then conductor of the City of Birmingham Orchestra, who thought highly of his voice and taught him at the Midland Institute. Booth joined the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company in 1923 and stayed with them for four years. He then settled in London, where he made a name for himself in leading stage roles and also in big musical films. He sang at Covent Garden in the International Opera Season, and has also appeared for most of the principal London and provincial choral and orchestral societies.
with Gwen Catley, Webster Booth, Appleton Moore. BBC Theatre Chorus trained by Charles Groves. BBC Theatre Orchestra  – Leader, Tate Gilder. Programme arranged, and conducted by Reginald Burston. Compere, Desmond Davis
WHAT MANCHESTER THINKS TODAY – BBC Home Service Basic, 7 May 1941 21.20A second musically illustrated review of some Manchester first nights from Tom Jones (1907) to Happy Birthday (1940). The programme compiled by S. R. Littlewood. Arranged  and produced by Gordon McConnel.
Joan Hammond, Webster Booth, Billie Baker, Bobbie Comber, The Three Radio Graces.BBC Theatre Chorus Trained by Charles Groves. BBC Theatre Orchestra – Leader, Tate Gilder, Conducted by Reginald Burston. Compere, Wilfred Pickles.
Leader, Tate Gilder, Conducted by Harold Lowe, with Webster Booth (tenor)
 When Webster Booth was eighteen he met Richard Wassell , then conductor of the City of Birmingham Orchestra, who thought highly of his voice and taught him at the Midland Institute. Booth joined the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company in 1923 and stayed with them for four years. He has sung at Covent Garden in the International Opera season, and has also appeared for most of the principal London *and provincial choral and orchestral’ societies.
THE ARTIST’S CHOICE – Forces Programme, 8 December 1941 16.55
Music chosen by Webster Booth, Sir Adrian Boult, Dennis Noble, and Egon Petri, with the reasons for their choice. Presented on gramophone records by Herbert C. Ridout.
Romantic ballad opera by R. Vaughan Williams. Libretto by Harold Child. Produced by Stanford Robinson and Mark H. Lubbock BBC  Theatre Chorus, BBC Theatre Orchestra:conductor Stanford Robinson. Narrator, Dennis Arundell
The Constable: Owen Brannigan, Mary: Lorely Dyer, Aunt Jane: Gladys Palmer
John the Butcher: Dennis Noble, Hugh the Drover: Webster Booth
SINGING TO YOU – Forces Programme, 12 July 1942 15.30 Story of Webster
and his songs. Gramophone programme, compiled and written by Bettine
Rampton, and presented by Leslie Perowne
THE SHEPHERDS OF THE DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS – BBC Home Service Basic, 8 December 1942 21.40 Pastoral episode, founded upon Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, by R. Vaughan Williams. Ladies of the BBC Theatre  Chorus, BBC Theatre Orchestra – conductor, Stanford Robinson.
Produced by Stephen Thomas in collaboration with the conductor.
A pilgrim: Roy Henderson
First shepherd: Sinclair Logan
Second shepherd: Webster Booth
Third shepherd: Victor Harding
A celestial messenger: Geoffrey Dunn
Voice of a bird: Margaret Field-Hyde
Narrator: Patric Curwen.
BBC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA – Forces Programme, 20 December 1942 20.00
(90 players). Conductor, Sir Adrian Boult. Webster Booth (tenor)
The Stuff We Gave the Troops. Programme designed to reflect the more serious side of ENSA’s musical activities-featuring some famous singers of the day, including Webster Booth and Joan Hammond.Devised by Walter Legge. Presented by the Department of National Service Entertainment (NAAFI)
SUNDAY RHAPSODY City of Music – BBC Home Service Basic, 9 July 1944 21.35
A Viennese pot-pourri by Julius Buerger, with Gwen Catley, Webster Booth, Dennis Noble (by permission of Jay Pomeroy)Winifred  Davey (solo piano).BBC  Theatre Chorus. BBC Theatre Orchestra.Conductor: Stanford Robinson. Narrator, Anthony Craxton.
Edwardian Melodies – A pot-pourri for broadcasting, arranged by Stanford Robinson, with special orchestrations by Julius Buerger and Leo Wurmser. Prelude, London chimes ; Pomp and Circumstance ; the Ballroom; Ballad Concert; Promenade and Bandstand ; Musical Comedy ; Epilogue, London chimes. Lorely Dyer. (by permission of Lee Ephraim ), Nancy Evans, Webster Booth, Stanley Pope Alfredo Campoli (solo violin). Narrator: Frederick Ranalow, BBC Theatre Orchestra : conductor,  Stanford Robinson. (BBC recording)
Stanford Robinson (conductor)
Sunday Rhapsody – THE MUSIC OF ERIC COATES – BBC Home Service Basic, 8 October 1944 22.00 A radio pot-pourri with Gwen Catley (soprano),Webster Booth (tenor), Roderick Jones (baritone) (by permission of the Administrators of Sadler’s Wells), BBC Theatre Chorus and BBC Theatre Orchestra. Conductor, Stanford Robinson.

11 October 1944 Guest stars:’KATHLEEN’ AND WEBSTER BOOTH. 

THE BRITISH BAND OF THE A.E.F. – General Forces Programme, 18 October 1944 13.00Under the direction of R.S.M. George Melachrino , with Kathleen Booth? and Webster Booth. 

George Melachrino

A jubilee tribute to the composer, with Gladys Ripley (contralto), Webster Booth (tenor) BBC Theatre Chorus and BBC Theatre Orchestra. Orchestrations by Leo Wurmser. Chorus arrangements by John Clements. Conductor, Stanford Robinson
Teresa del Riego, who wrote the music of 0 dry those tears, Thank God for a gardenHoming, and many other familiar songs, this year celebrates her fiftieth year as a composer.
Sunday Rhapsody VICTORIAN MELODIES: BBC Home Service Basic, 31 December 1944 21.30 Pot – pourri for broadcasting, arranged by Stanford Robinson, including ballroom memories, plantation songs, student songs, and ballads.
Orchestrations by Leo Wurmser. Ada Alsop , Winifride Ingham (by permission of Jay Pomeroy). Webster Booth, Frederick Harvey. Narration, written by Harold Nede and spoken by Christopher Stone. BBC Theatre Chorus and Orchestra: conductor, Stanford Robinson.


Sunday Rhapsody –  EDWARDIAN MELODIES – BBC Home Service Basic, 11 March 1945 21.30 Produced by Gwen Williams and Stanford Robinson.Orchestrations by Julius Buerger and Leo Wurmser, with Lorely Dyer, Nancy Evans, Webster Booth, Stanley Pope, Alfredo Campoli (violin).Script  written by Desmond Davis.Narrator:Frederick Ranalow. BBC Theatre Chorus. BBC Theatre Orchestra:conductor, Stanford Robinson.

CITY OF MUSICLight Programme, 28 August 1945 13.15 A Viennese pot-pourri by Julius Buerger. with Gwen Catley, Webster Booth, William Parsons, and Winifred Davey (solo piano). BBC Theatre Chorus, and BBC Theatre Orchestra: conductor, Stanford Robinson. Narrator, Anthony Craxton. 
William Parsons (bass)
Sunday Rhapsody VICTORIAN MELODIES (No. 2) – BBC Home Service Basic, 30 December 1945 21.30A potpourri produced by Gwen Williams and Stanford Robinson , including ballroom memories, part songs, and ballads. Special orchestrations by Leo Wurmser. Wth Doris Gambell (soprano). Marjorie Thomas (contralto), Webster Booth (tenor), Norman Allin (bass).
BBC Theatre Chorus and Orchestra. Conductor. Stanford Robinson.
Narration written by Harold Neden.Programme introduced by Christopher Stone.
Compiled by Jean Collen 2014.
Information from The Scotsman and the BBC Genome Project.
Updated May 2017