I made some podcasts from 2013 onwards. They are available on the internet archive at: https://archive.org/bookmarks/JeannieC

There are a number of recordings featuring Anne and Webster on YouTube at my Duettists Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/duettists


Demobbed on Daily Motion posted by Mike Taylor (1937) http://dai.ly/x2j8me2

Demobbed extract by Mike Taylor https://clyp.it/plnmsz5r

Voice of Romance (WB, presented by Jimmy Dyrenforth circa 1937) https://clyp.it/toubb0nz

Florodoro Radio broadcast BBC 1940s (AZWB) https://clyp.it/23qno2n2

Gypsy Love (Lehar) Radio broadcast BBC1940s (AZ/WB) https://clyp.it/3g2l4tns

On Wings of Song (September 1961 SABC WB) http://booth-ziegler.podomatic.com/entry/2015-04-23T08_02_35-07_00

On Wings of Song (Christmas 1961 SABC WB) http://booth-ziegler.podomatic.com/entry/2015-03-29T12_19_26-07_00

Paddy O’Byrne interview (January1963 SABC) https://clyp.it/rpsyok5r

Ivor Dennis, AZ, WB on Ivor Novello (SABC 1966) https://clyp.it/kt2yedi1

Bitter Sweet selection SABC concert 1966 https://clyp.it/ugaanrfy

A Musician Remembers 1975 (1): https://archive.org/details/AMusicianRemembers1975WBBroadcast1Joined

A Musician Remembers 1975 (2): https://archive.org/details/AMusicianRemembersBroadcast2WBJoined

Pierrots and Fol de Rols ( circa 1979 UK): https://clyp.it/vr0geydm

Looks Then Quiz (1978) Denis Norden, AZ,WB, Arthur Askey https://youtu.be/Cp4UWe4XadY

Alternative link: https://archive.org/details/LooksThenQuiz1978AAAZWB

Radio Wales Interview (1978) https://clyp.it/uq0mggzv

Pierrots and Fol de Rols ( circa 1979 UK): https://clyp.it/vr0geydm

Only a Rose TV http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k681ehAr8PL7k1abPA2

Only a Rose TV (1980) https://youtu.be/ll-aX9AnyYs

Russell Harty Show (January 1981) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k3mV9mos4a2n9Gabqex

The Golden Years (with Alan Keith 1980s) Unlisted on YouTube: https://youtu.be/uU5XgP7jlHY

The Seven Ages on Radio 2 (AZ 1991) https://clyp.it/4j5s0upc

Jean Buckley interview (1985) https://clyp.it/t4uygx3r

Webster Booth Story (presented by Robin Gregory on BBC 2 1994) https://clyp.it/o05ced2i?token=dd084afbc98adee602ff58e5861c682e

Morning Star 28th April 2013 (me) My discussion with Clare Marshall about my book about Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler. https://clyp.it/eh0thevt

12 October 2014 Memories of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth: https://archive.org/details/Podcast1310Joined

30 August 2015 Morning Star Clare Marshall’s programme with recordings restored by Mike Taylor: https://clyp.it/sde2amhs

6 September 2015 Morning Star #Clare Marshall WB records Morning Star

I made some podcasts from 2013 onwards. They are available on the internet archive at: https://archive.org/bookmarks/JeannieC

There are a number of recordings featuring Anne and Webster on YouTube at my Duettists Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/duettists

15 March 2020, Jean Collen


Most of these recordings may be found on clypit. They were posted by Mike Taylor and Jean Collen. There may be some duplicate recordings in the list. Those marked with an asterisk * are duet recordings of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. Mike Taylor’s recordings were taken from 78rpms and he has restored them to a very high standard.

Most of these recordings may be found on clypit. They were posted by Mike Taylor and Jean Collen. There may be some duplicate recordings in the list. Those marked with an asterisk * are duet recordings of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. Mike Taylor’s recordings were taken from 78rpms and he has restored them to a very high standard.

MIKE TAYLOR’S restored recordings

The Mikado: A Wand’ring Minstrel https://clyp.it/vwvgfs0t

Abide with Me https://clyp.it/rqrz40lw

New version: https://clyp.it/0frb2thx

A Bird Sang in the Rain https://clyp.it/ijhcovsn

A Brown Bird Singing https://clyp.it/brvdmi34

A Kiss in the Dark https://clyp.it/ctnreghj

Agnus Dei https://clyp.it/xudblzg1

A Little Love, A Little Kiss https://clyp.it/41nuus5l

Madame Butterfly: Ah, Love Me a Little (with Joan Hammond) https://clyp.it/0pdzigo1

Ah, Moon of My delight https://clyp.it/crfv3wwp

Faust: All Hail, Thy Dwelling, Pure and Holy https://clyp.it/14nzwyiw

Along the Road to Dreams https://clyp.it/gtcdlnsz

Always, As I Close My Eyes https://clyp.it/0jao0mjn

At the End of the Day https://clyp.it/c3p5ktzt

Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) https://clyp.it/ljgr4zma

Ay, Ay, Ay https://clyp.it/otoper4v

Ballynure Ballad/Trottin’ to the fair https://clyp.it/5kedevx4

Beauty’s Eyes (Mike’s restoration) https://clyp.it/s1pgttre

Because https://clyp.it/jec4g21m

Break of Day https://clyp.it/e0myaltg

Danny Boy https://clyp.it/webfrk3l

*Dearest Love https://clyp.it/sjf1kpyl

*Dearest of all https://clyp.it/oys4xksw

Devotion https://clyp.it/qoyrd0je

Eleanore https://clyp.it/tbd1l45v

Everywhere I go https://clyp.it/pnt44gno

Faery Song https://clyp.it/u4sicnr2

Faust finale https://clyp.it/xmwdsd3u

Carmen: Flower Song https://25ymvget

For You Alone https://clyp.it/4zvxpp5y

Friend o’ mine (Drawing room 1962) https://clyp.it/2hupnyrm

Goodbye https://clyp.it/arfya1wa

Greensleeves https://clyp.it/hwtkpugs

*Hear My Song, Violetta https://clyp.it/w5nncwdm

Messiah: He was cut off/But thou didst not keep his soul in hell https://clyp.it/if4bcgxg

*Here in the Quiet Hills https://clyp.it/zaluw52b

Hindu Song https://clyp.it/unmn3ywd

Homing https://clyp.it/3yf515sw

How Lovely are Thy Dwellings https://clyp.it/ag5dom2q

I Bless the Day https://clyp.it/bvmqzs2t

I Hear You Calling Me https://clyp.it/oglyisr3

I Know of Two Bright Eyes https://clyp.it/rvhlotef

I Leave My Heart in an English Garden https://clyp.it/5hcmvppc

I Love Thee https://clyp.it/gqrme5ug

I Love the Moon https://clyp.it/1kqd50xh

*I’ll See You Again https://clyp.it/z5mhee3r

I’ll Walk Beside You https://clyp.it/3wesbmcy

Ideale https://clyp.it/zescolht

Elijah: If With All Your Hearts https://clyp.it/vw5at1cp

Indian Summer https://clyp.it/bx3l3il0

Creation: In Native Worth https://clyp.it/eupvttnv

Just for Today https://clyp.it/ux434cln

Xerses: Largo https://clyp.it/alzsisdy

*Laugh at Life https://clyp.it/odi5sa3m

Liebestraum (solo) https://clyp.it/5m4gabei

Light Opera Male chorus HMV medley https://clyp.it/fjwbx5vs

*Sweet Yesterday: Life Begins Anew https://clyp.it/otgebjff

La Boheme Lovely Maid in the Moonlight https://clyp.it/uglt5utm

Acis and Galatea: Love in her eyes sits playing https://clyp.it/qvc2b55c

La Boheme Lovely Maid in the Moonlight https://clyp.it/uglt5utm

*Love is the Key https://clyp.it/1oaxikdd

*Love’s Last Word is Spoken https://clyp.it/srkegisz

Acis and Galatea: Love Sounds the Alarm https://clyp.it/55sze1xe

*Love’s Old Sweet Song https://clyp.it/gsqxe0vd

*Love Steals Your Heart https://clyp.it/tzmkft0b

*Love’s Garden of Roses https://clyp.it/1ezr0ffc

Macushla https://clyp.it/j43r5j0i

Moonlight and You https://clyp.it/suxdsyrk

Morgen (Strauss) https://clyp.it/2mg4s2gl

Morgen/Come into the Garden, Maud https://clyp.it/2sfecfdh

Morning (Oley Speaks) https://clyp.it/oeoqxqxa

*Music for Romance https://clyp.it/b4ud0m4p

My Heart and I https://clyp.it/idfhvbb0

*My Paradise https://clyp.it/e3lwl3vu

Napoli Bay https://clyp.it/labqhz5b

Nazareth https://clyp.it/3jldnhhz

Nirvana https://clyp.it/vfcrebxj

O, Come All Ye Faithful https://clyp.it/yeftoxnk

O, Dry Those Tears https://clyp.it/llblyizd#

Oh, Maiden, My Maiden https://clyp.it/4phcqvvr

Esmeralda: O, Vision Entrancing https://clyp.it/h0aqsgza

Hiawatha: Onaway! Awake, Beloved https://clyp.it/wkrkfgck

One Day When We were Young/Sweethearts https://clyp.it/ha5jom1q

Pale Moon https://clyp.it/tamrwex1

Parted https://clyp.it/qriewsgs

Passing By https://clyp.it/nb1zbclc

Rigoletto: quartet https://clyp.it/dvseui1p

Robber Symphony: Romance https://clyp.it/ggapqa0w

Robber Symphony: Serenata https://clyp.it/aupxdwy2

Frasquita: Serenade https://clyp.it/i03gvrfa

She is Far From the Land https://clyp.it/d4r2jynm

Show Me the Way https://clyp.it/03fq3qw2

Snowy-breasted Pearl https://clyp.it/mj0k0ea0

*So Deep is the Night https://clyp.it/fpjpevlo

Somewhere a Voice is Calling https://clyp.it/bybaikne

Somewhere a Voice is Calling/I Know of Two Bright Eyes https://clyp.it/2vck4wcn

Song of Songs https://clyp.it/i1u3vimd

Song of the Nightingale https://clyp.it/c2uvlq3k

Don Giovanni: Speak for Me to My Lady https://clyp.it/o0o1dgou

Star of My Soul https://clyp.it/ghsq2d31

Sweethearts https://clyp.it/gzmhhegr

Sylvia (Oley Speaks) https://clyp.it/fve0sbyj

Gondoliers: Take a pair of sparkling eyes https://clyp.it/n0jwb11q

*Take the Sun https://clyp.it/hw3avvuy

The Bells of St Mary’s https://clyp.it/fj1zb2pl

Merrie England: The English Rose https://clyp.it/b0ysxfzl

*Lilac Time: The Flower https://clyp.it/y4dqmckn

The Holy City https://clyp.it/zp2pfrhg

*The Keys of Heaven https://clyp.it/ygd3sncd

The Little Road to Bethlehem https://clyp.it/rbflsy1k

The Lord’s Prayer https://clyp.it/4alo3boj

The World is Mine Tonight https://clyp.it/xezn0kef

Elijah: Then Shall the Righteous Shine Forth https://clyp.it/2q543zcf

There is No Death (Johnstone/O’Hara) https://clyp.it/inwevkfp

There’s a Land, a Dear Land https://clyp.it/cf5aw1c2

Messiah: Thy Rebuke has Broken His Heart/Behold and See https://clyp.it/ejlbwbrs

*Throw Open Wide Your Window, Dear https://clyp.it/bloej2n5

‘Tis the Day https://clyp.it/fwoxprf3

*Sweet Yesterday Tomorrow https://clyp.it/ccoptovz

*Too Tired to Sleep https://clyp.it/x2xyi5nb

Tosca: Strange Hrmony of Contrasts https://clyp.it/ysdqtj0u

Tosca: When the Stars are Brightly Shining https://clyp.it/4ptafhod

Toselli’s Serenade https://clyp.it/0us4umyi

Trees https://clyp.it/3xzfzn5d

*Trot Here and There https://clyp.it/sezcqntw

Undivided https://clyp.it/w0vfjdrg

Unmindful of the roses, Life and death https://clyp.it/yt5wjncd

Until https://clyp.it/0u40nrxk

Wayside Rose https://clyp.it/zybjuw51

When Big Ben Chimes https://clyp.it/lvn55r1s

When We are Married https://clyp.it/m1jypn4j

Where’er You Go https://clyp.it/qf2nvf0h

Where e’re you walk https://clyp.it/ypxmjare

Rigoletto: Woman is Fickle https://clyp.it/zeliusuw

*You, Just You https://clyp.it/yfczc0kr

JEAN COLLEN’S recordings

A Bird Sang in the Rain https://soundcloud.com/boothziegler/a-bird-sang-in-the-rain-haydn-wood

A Bird Sang in the Rain https://clyp.it/amufywkf

A Kiss in the Dark (Herbert) https://clyp.it/mdcsnhkf

A Song for You and Me https://clyp.it/133s5dn5

A Song in the Night (to silent video) (AZ) http://dai.ly/x3vmk9n

Mikado: A Wand’ring Minstrel https://clyp.it/y5vefp1c

A Little Bit of Heaven https://clyp.it/sdfiqeyu

Elijah: As God the Lord of Sabbaoeth Liveth https://clyp.it/qqkrrc1n

At the End of the Day https://clyp.it/we32v4zq

Aye, aye, aye https://clyp.it/mjrdu2cf

*Tales of Hoffman: Barcarolle https://clyp.it/y2wd3dwl

St Paul: Be Thou Faithful Unto Death https://clyp.it/32qr5rtv

Bird Songs at Eventide https://clyp.it/w54mtxfn

Break of Day https://clyp.it/e0myaltg

Castles in the Air https://clyp.it/35in5hn1

Unmindful of the Roses/Life and Death (Coleridge Taylor) https://clyp.it/r3mdfh2g

Come into the Garden, Maud https://clyp.it/eaapccj4

Messiah: Comfort ye/Ev’ry Valley https://clyp.it/0z2qckt4

Il Seraglio: Constanze, Constanze https://clyp.it/qcus4s10https://clyp.it/mgcnrqg4

Creation: And God saw the light/Now vanish before the holy beams https://clyp.it/mgcnrqg4

Creation: The Heavens are telling 1964 https://clyp.it/grewf2bz

Creation, end of part 1 http://picosong.com/SKub/

Creation: The Lord is Great https://clyp.it/wrxofain

Creation: And God Created Man/In Native Worth https://clyp.it/dwwrn0gg

Creation: On thee each living soul awaits https://clyp.it/4ce2awfo

Creation: In Rosy Mantle https://clyp.it/ejfa2ml4

Dance Away the Night: https://clyp.it/a4pr0lu0

Jephtha: Deeper and deeper still/Waft her, angels, through the skies https://clyp.it/thhawfvx

*Deep in the heart of a rose https://clyp.it/lka0r1na

Devotion https://clyp.it/pxg2ukmx

*Diep in My Hart (Student Prince) https://clyp.it/3pvhesbx

*Dit is Verby/One Day When we were Young: https://clyp.it/gutjl0ye

*Dream Duet https://clyp.it/gyjbbrva

Drinking Song https://clyp.it/a000mz2r

Drinking Song (Alan Keith) https://clyp.it/0rylgdjk

Drink to Me Only https://clyp.it/wcbmueoc

Eleanore https://clyp.it/xefomtm1

Elegie https://clyp.it/d0llji0e

Elijah recits Knysna https://clyp.it/u3qapnw5

Elijah Knysna Dudley, Ena WB https://clyp.it/ya0x1x2c

Elijah: It is Enough https://clyp.it/uyy5d3k0$

Elijah: O Come Everyone that Thirsteth https://clyp.it/ym035pxf

Elijah: O Man of God, Help Thy People https://clyp.it/hj4jdi2u

Elijah: See how he sleepeth – https://clyp.it/10iapklv

Evening Song https://clyp.it/jj3xa0uf

Excelsior Dennis Noble/Webster Booth https://clyp.it/efwrbzop

Faery Song (with dialogue) https://clyp.it/gnyy54v0

*Faust finale from film https://clyp.it/g4hfyf4y

Faust finale (Daily Motion) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k21qEGLDw3NkQkbAcCt

*Fling Wide the Gates of Paradise https://clyp.it/fdynhzp0

Giannina Mia https://clyp.it/sqkkqktq

Give and Forgive https://clyp.it/gxfgsttz

Goodbye (Tosti) https://clyp.it/amwipakb

Goodnight Vienna (joined) https://clyp.it/stnap1tr

Goodnight Vienna (1) Olive Groves and Webster https://clyp.it/ivar4ogl

Goodnight Vienna (2) Olive Groves and Webster https://clyp.it/bs1ushet

Heavenly Night https://clyp.it/djxkwzl5

*Here in the Quiet Hills https://clyp.it/mzzkefic

Hindu Song https://clyp.it/lan3b3kd

Ideale https://clyp.it/qq5urs5f

I Leave My Heart in an English Garden https://clyp.it/r0rirwc1

I Love Thee https://soundcloud.com/boothziegler/i-love-thee-grieg

If You are There https://clyp.it/h1jea2jk

If You had but Known (Drawing Room SABC 1962) https://clyp.it/2zrjzyhq

*If You Were the Only Girl in the World https://clyp.it/m0ggo3yv

I’ll Change My Heart (AZ) https://clyp.it/4dbwdptg

Impatience https://clyp.it/jbgjdqyg

Indian Summer (Herbert) https://clyp.it/kwnjfba0

In Old Madrid https://clyp.it/zxhjf420

Creation In Native Worth (Pmburg 1964) https://clyp.it/eupvttnv

Creation: In Rosy Mantle https://clyp.it/5kyrh1cc

In the Shade of the Sheltering Palm (George Baker/WB) https://clyp.it/iweh1ifz

Faust: Jewel Song https://clyp.it/4sle5y5s

Clip from King Hendrik (1965) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k74ORsvKb0ys21aIfRF

*Laat Ons nie van Liefde weer Praat nie http://picosong.com/SARV/

Land of mine https://clyp.it/yonbxtiy

Let Me Dream in Your Arms Again https://clyp.it/35g3msyn

*Liebestraum duet https://clyp.it/v31zj43r

*Liebestraum/Nocturne duets https://clyp.it/rokahxh3

Liebestraum solo https://clyp.it/gq4vqkfd

*Liefling, Kom Terug na My https://clyp.it/vhmwo4ym

*Lift Up Your Hearts https://clyp.it/tzk2mcxd

Little Damozel (Drawing Room SABC Drawing Room 1962 AZ) https://clyp.it/y2kwvfnt

*Lord Oom Piet (1962)

Extract from “Lord Oom Piet” (1962)

Lost Chord https://clyp.it/aj4c3vpw

*Love, Calling Me Home https://clyp.it/zpeuztqa

Love, Could I Only Tell Thee https://clyp.it/b3mvvrex

*Love Me Tonight https://clyp.it/wdbinkhc

Acis and Galatea: Love sounds the alarm https://clyp.it/55sze1xe

*Love’s old sweet song https://clyp.it/gsqxe0vd

*Love’s Garden of Roses https://clyp.it/1ezr0ffc

*Love Steals Your Heart https://clyp.it/tzmkft0b

May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You https://clyp.it/srmb2p3w

*Merry Widow Waltz https://soundcloud.com/boothziegler/merry-widow-waltz-lehar-booth-ziegler

Mifanwy https://clyp.it/i3vogjs0

Il Trovatore: Miserere WB, Joan Cross https://clyp.it/tgrp4mtv

Moonlight and You https://clyp.it/4c40bmco

Moonlight & You/Always as I close my eyes https://clyp.it/hiimb1c3

Moon of Romance (Strachey) https://clyp.it/zu1awbmx

Morgen https://soundcloud.com/boothziegler/morgen-richard-strauss

Mountains of Granada (Alvarez) https://clyp.it/lbyax3fh

Mountains of Mourne https://soundcloud.com/boothziegler/the-mountains-of-mourne-percy-french

*Music for Romance (Sandler) https://clyp.it/b4y0itc2

*My Dearest Dear/Merry Widow waltz https://clyp.it/qs4sg24c

My Heart and I https://clyp.it/vwhwvis1

*My Paradise https://clyp.it/pgdcypbe

*Net Maar ‘n Roos https://clyp.it/jnnkp4h1

*Nocturne https://clyp.it/mu24ff3u

No More https://clyp.it/qctqtboj

O Dry Those Tears (Drawing Room SABC 1962) https://clyp.it/womhubve

Magic Flute: O, Loveliness Beyond Compare https://clyp.it/mt4vhafh

*O, Lovely Night https://clyp.it/1jjtqkva

One Alone https://clyp.it/nyq4wlhd

One Day When We were Young https://clyp.it/ljdc2tje

*Only a Rose https://clyp.it/qhqx0bfb

On Wings of Song (solo) 1943 https://clyp.it/4dncswxd

*On Wings of Song (duet) https://clyp.it/gjmx5mu2

Pagliacci: On with the Motley https://clyp.it/kikpoa3v

Parted (SABC 1962) https://clyp.it/2awyd0oi

Pink Lady AZ https://clyp.it/hzg0nn4d

*Porgy and Bess https://clyp.it/gsqwexx2

Princess Elizabeth https://clyp.it/hbz2diei

Roses of Picardy TH/WB https://clyp.it/dodad0pk

Roses of Picardy WB alone https://clyp.it/ovf2ai2i

Student Prince: Serenade https://clyp.it/kuuwv2fr

Serenade in the Night https://clyp.it/1epecjaj

*Silent Night : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDU9RHHl828

Sneezles (Christopher Robin) https://clyp.it/zs1ci1pm

Songs that have sold a million https://clyp.it/qkksyn13

Songs that sold a million https://clyp.it/20mvrg3w

Judas Maccabeus: Sound an alarm https://clyp.it/jw3voali

Speak to me of love https://clyp.it/yb0b0yyu

Star of Hope https://clyp.it/50hmgbtn

Stay with me forever Lehar https://clyp.it/w2p0i4wn

*Such lovely things https://clyp.it/2jvb45w2

Sweet Yesterday (AZ) https://clyp.it/zhb1ria3

Sympathy (CS) https://clyp.it/c2a0uxur

Gondoliers: Take a pair of sparkling eyes https://clyp.it/fuegpl3i

*Take the Sun https://clyp.it/ipcxnlkq

Tales from the Vienna Woods (AZ) https://clyp.it/nklmbhng

Tell Me Tonight https://clyp.it/ffh3xwp5

The Immortal Hour: The Faery Song (with NZ 6 year old) https://clyp.it/qgyp2lj4

The Flower Song (Carmen) https://clyp.it/4rbogbs5

*The Fruits of the Earth https://clyp.it/ib0lr2ra

*The Gates of Paradise https://clyp.it/kckvi4qg

The Holy City (SABC/1941 joined) https://clyp.it/ijnzkpqt

The Message https://clyp.it/c3jwwb2p

The Star of Bethlehem (Adams) WB https://clyp.it/sdjxfrqc

Merrie England: Waltz Song (test record) AZ https://clyp.it/qz03msxa

Watchman, What of the Night, The Battle Eve WB, GB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X2tYotVfaQ&feature=youtu.be

The Way you Look Tonight https://clyp.it/bcqsbpdu

The Whispering Poplar (AZ) https://clyp.it/ondba2pv

The World is Mine Tonight https://clyp.it/kelcv3yp

Messiah: Thy Rebuke/Behold and see (Knysna) https://clyp.it/oklghm4n

To Mary (Shelley/White) https://clyp.it/sapxnm3j

Tosca Strange harmony of contrasts https://clyp.it/osb0jzy0

Tosca When the stars are brightly shining https://clyp.it/bkxnszgu

Toselli Serenade joined Goehr/Fred Hartley https://clyp.it/eh4ls50m

Wanting You https://clyp.it/uofqsgay

Watchman, what of the night DN/WB https://clyp.it/mka240io

Watchman, what of the night WB/GB https://clyp.it/whuxralk

Wayside Rose https://clyp.it/zybjuw51

We’ll Find a Way https://clyp.it/ghhynx5e

*We’ll Gather Lilacs https://clyp.it/u1trkug1

*What is Done https://clyp.it/5i4jjmgm

Samson:Why Does the God of Israel Sleep? https://clyp.it/flt1ug0n

*Without Your Love https://clyp.it/tsvkr1js

*Wunderbar (Afrikaans) https://clyp.it/sf5stfkw

*Wunderbar https://clyp.it/1g1pusg3

Elijah :Ye people, rend your hearts PM https://clyp.it/wlapibxu

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Jean Collen – 14 March 2020

Anne and Webster in North Wales 1978.


Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth sang to fellow passengers while flying to South Africa. Their duet was We’ll Gather Lilacs, sung at 18,000 feet as they crossed the Zambezi.


I have compiled the following information from newspapers, personal recollections and programmes. The list is far from complete. Please contact me if you can fill in the gaps.

November heading for Johannesburg.

6 November 1955 – Quick Work. Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, with their accompanist, Arthur Tatler, fly to South Africa on November 6 to fulfill a concert tour in South Africa, Southern and Northern Rhodesia and Kenya. This will indeed be a flying visit for they will fly everywhere in order to fulfill so many engagements in so short a time, as they return to England on December 11, when Webster Booth is due to broadcast for the BBC on December 14, after which he leaves the following day for Huddersfield to sing in the Messiah.

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth sang to fellow passengers while flying to South Africa. Their duet was We’ll Gather Lilacs, sung at 18,000 feet as they crossed the Zambezi.


Webster and Anne arrived at Jan Smuts airport on 8 November. They had been booked to appear in concerts with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London, also in Durban and Salisbury, Rhodesia. Webster gave a rather bitter interview about the changing times in music with the growth of music that appealed more to teenagers and the rise of television.

ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH, 23 November 1955, City Hall, East London. Recital presented by East London Association of the Arts.

After their concert tour they returned to the UK where Webster had several Messiah engagements to fulfil. Despite his bitter comments on his arrival in Johannesburg, 1955 had been a very busy year for the Booths.

ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH, with Arthur Tatler (piano), City Hall, Johannesburg Tuesday, 31 January 16th and 21 February 1956

City Hall, Benoni, Saturday, (opening Benoni’s Golden Jubilee celebrations) 4th February 1956

City Hall, Pretoria, Wednesday, 8 February 1956

B tour to Bethal, Bloemfontein, Parys (concert on an island on the Vaal River), Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Having tea during the interval of a concert in Bethal during their country tour – their accompanist, Arthur Tatler, Webster and Anne.

10 May 1957, Hobbies Exhibition, East London. The Round Table has engaged Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth to sing (Rand Daily Mail)

THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS 29 May 1957, Johannesburg. Anne and Webster sang at this concert produced by Cedric Messina and Monte Doyle in aid of the Jimmy Elliott Appeal.

STARLIGHT 13 to 16 November 1957, Prosperity Park, Zoo Lake. All funds in aid of the United Party, Anne, Webster, Maria Pavlou, Eva Tamassy, Gordon Mulholland, Jack Kruger, Charles Castle.

VARIETY UNDER THE STARS 7 March 1958, Joubert Park Open Air Theatre, Anne and Webster and a host of other performers.

1958 snippets

VARIETY PROGRAMME June 1958, Kangalani, home of Eva Harvey (by invitation only!) Anne and Webster, Sini van der Brom, Francois Bouguenon, Eva Harvey.

Variety in the Home – Eva Harvey

GRAND VARIETY SHOW, 27, 28 May 1960, Methodist Church Hall, Roberts Avenue, Kensington, Anne and Webster and other artistes. I (aged 16) attended this show and got their autographs at the interval.

CHRISTMAS CAPERS December 1, 2, 3 1960, Civic Theatre, Bloemfontein, Anne and Webster and local artistes presented by Rotary Club.

CONCERT 30 April 1961, Anne and Webster sang at the Wanderers Club, Johannesburg.

OVER 6OS OLD FOLKS VARIETY SHOW 2 May 1961, City Hall, Durban, Anne and Webster, with Cyril Sugden, Graham Rich.

City Hall, Durban

5 July 1961. Festival Concert, Allen Wilson Beit Hall, Salisbury. Anne and Webster appeared after Webster had adjudicated at Vocal Festival for the Rhodesia Institute of Allied Arts.

SATURDAY NIGHT VARIETY SHOW 1961, Amphitheatre, North Beach, Durban, Anne and Webster and top line variety stars.

GALA BENEFIT SHOW February 1962, Ciros Club, Johannesburg, Anne and Webster appeared in benefit show for the actor, David Beattie, who was suffering from cancer.

CONCERT Mid August 1963, Ficksburg, Anne and Webster, accompanied by Desmond Wright. Webster said that he would have taken me as the accompanist but he didn’t like two women on the stage as it would draw the audience’s attention away from Anne.

1964 Concert tour with SABC Orchestra. Anne and Webster were soloists on this tour.

1965 Concert tour with SABC Orchestra. Anne and Webster were soloists on this tour.

POPULAR CONCERT, 2 October 1966, Johannesburg’s eightieth birthday concert at the City Hall.

GRAND VARIETY CONCERT 15 September 1967, 8.15 pm

POPULAR CONCERTS, December 1967/1968

THE ANNE ZIEGLER AND WEBSTER BOOTH SHOW 26, 27, 28 August 1972, Durban Jewish Club, Anne and Webster accompanied by Jack Dowle, with top supporting artistes.

FAREWELL CONCERT, late 1975, Somerset West

Farewell performance, October 1975.

Anne and Webster had planned to retire from the stage at the end of 1975, but when they returned to England in early 1978 they were in great demand so came out of retirement until Webster’s health broke down in 1983.

Jean Collen 19 December 2019.


I have included musicals, operas and plays in which Anne and Webster appeared in South Africa, as well as amateur shows in which they appeared or which were directed by them – either separately or together.

I have included musicals, operas and plays in which Anne and Webster appeared, as well as amateur shows directed by them – either together or separately. The list is not complete so I would be glad to hear from anyone who can add to it or enlarge on the information presented below.

SPRING QUARTET September 1956, Cape Town. Anne and Webster. Before Anne and Webster went to Johannesburg to settle, they played in Spring Quartet, straight after their trip to Cape Town on the Pretoria Castle. Leonard Schach directed the play for the Cockpit Players, at the Hofmeyr Theatre. Others in the cast were  Joyce Bradley, Cynthia Coller, Jane Fenn, Gavin Houghton and Sydney Welch. Decor by David Crichton, costumes by Doreen Graves. At the piano were Keith Jewell and Geoffrey Miller.

In Cape Town for “Spring Quartet”. September 1956


NIGHT IN VENICE Wednesday 14 November to Saturday 1 December 1956, Reps Theatre, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, Johannesburg Operatic Society, Anne Ziegler, Webster Booth, June Hern, Tom Reid, Harold Lake, Stella Beder, Director: Arnold Dover, Music: Drummond Bell.

Night in Venice.
Night in Venice November 1956

ANGELS IN LOVE 29 July 1957, Reps Theatre, Anne played the part of Dearest, with Rory McDermot, Joan Blake, Michael Turner, Arthur Hall, and Edwin Quail (Fauntleroy), directed by Minna Schneier.

31 July 1957 Anne’s first non-singing role

WALTZ TIME 31 May 1958, Springs Civic Theatre, Anne and Webster, produced by Bert Dobson for Springs Operatic Society.

MERRIE ENGLAND 16 to 21 June 1958, City Hall, East London, The Dramatic Society of East London. Anne and Webster, Mabel Fenney, Pamela Emslie, Hilary Adams, Cawood Meaker, Jimmy Nicholas, produced by Doreen Egan, conducted by Jean Fowler.

16 June 1958 Merrie England, East London.
16 June 1958, Merrie England, East London

THE VAGABOND KING 1 August 1958, Durban. Anne and Webster starred in the show. Produced by Isobel McLaren (wife of singing teacher Arnold Fulton.

MERRIE ENGLAND 12 to 29 November 1958, Reps Theatre, Johannesburg, JODS. Anne and Webster starred and produced and starred in the show, with Marian Saunders, June Bass, Nohline Mitchell, Kenneth Anderson, Len Rosen, and Dudley Cock, conducted by Drummond Bell.

November 1958. Merrie England at the Reps Theatre, Johannesburg.
November 1958. Anne and Webster produced and starred in Merrie England at the Reps Theatre in Braamfontein for JODs.

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Christmas 1958, City Hall, East London, Anne appeared as principal boy. Anne told me that she had also appeared in DICK WHITTINGTON in East London.

WALTZ TIME 1959, City Hall, East London, The Dramatic Society of East London, Anne and Webster and East London cast.

Waltz Time East London.

THE GLASS SLIPPER December 1959, Reps Theatre, Johannesburg Repertory Players, National Theatre and Childrens Theatre, Anne Ziegler, Yvonne Theron, Siegfried Mynhardt, David Beattie, Hilda Kriseman, Olive King, Bruce Anderson, directed by Hugh Goldie. Music: Joyce Goldie (Piano conductor) Band: Leader Walter Mony, Bassoon: Richard Cherry, Clarinet: P Reinders, Percussion: A Johnson, Violin: Erica Anderson, Viola: Lance Lange, Cello: Phyllis Chaplin

The Glass Slipper, December 1959. Children’s Theatre
Anne as the Fairy Godmother pointing the way for Cinderella’s coach to go to the ball. I ushered at the Reps Theatre for one of the performances.

MIKADO 1960, Bloemfontein, Webster. I know very little about this show. I am not sure whether Webster sang in it, directed it or did both.

A COUNTRY GIRL October 1960, Produced by Anne and Webster at Little Theatre, Springs. Leads were played by Corinne van Wyk and John Wilcox.

LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS 19 December 1960 to January 1961, Playhouse, Johannesburg, Anne, Valerie Miller, Leon Eagles, John Boulter, Robert Haber and Ivor Berold, directed by Leonard Schach.

Anne, Dame Flora Robson, Ivan Berold
Anne and Valerie Miller

THE AMOROUS PRAWN September to October 30 1961, Alexander Theatre (previously the Reps Theatre), National Theatre, Pretoria, 31 October to November 12, Alhambra Theatre, Durban, November 15?

Webster was the Prawn, with Simon Swindell, Gabriel Bayman, Diane Wilson, Joe Stewardson, Ronald Wallace and Joan Blake, directed by Victor Melleney.

Amorous Prawn rehearsal with Joan Blake, Simon Swindell, Ronald Wallace, producer: Victor Melleney. Webster with a monocle was the Prawn.

THE DESERT SONG October to November 1961 at Springs Theatre, Anne directed this show for the Springs Operatic Society. Sylvia Watson (nee Reilly), who kindly wrote to me to tell me more about these shows was in the chorus.

THE ANDERSONVILLE TRIAL February 1962, Alexander Theatre, Webster took a small non-singing part with Simon Swindell, Michael McGovern, Gordon Mulholland, Joe Stewardson, directed by Albert Ninio. My piano teacher, Sylvia Sullivan, saw the play and remarked about Websters role, “Such a small part for such a great man.”

THE VAGABOND KING October 1962, Springs Little Theatre
Anne and Webster directed this production for the Springs Operatic Society.

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE October 1962, Bloemfontein. Webster directed this production. As a gimmick he had a chimpanzee going on to the stage with the pirates. The chimpanzee idea was not without problems. She disgraced himself during Websters opening night speech. With a quick wit he quipped, You naughty girl. I wont take you out again in a hurry.

THE MERRY WIDOW November 1962, Springs Little Theatre. Anne directed this production for the Springs Operatic Society.

GOODNIGHT MRS PUFFIN January 1963, Alexander Theatre, Anne and Webster with Jane Fenn, George Moore, Deborah Francis, Leonne Carnot, Clive Pownall, Paddy Canavan, Anthony James and Michael Newell, directed by John Hayter.

The Amorous Prawn. Anne is Mrs Fordyce, with Leonne Carnot, Jane Fenn
Anne and Webster with their stage family.

THE NEW MOON, 10 April 1964, Springs Little Theatre, Anne directed this production for the Springs Operatic Society.

THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD May 1963, Alexander Theatre, JODS, Webster took the part of Colonel Fairfax at short notice with Denise Allen, June Hern, Lilian Gartside, Len Rosen, Lyle Matthews, Ethlynne Cohen and Peter Lynsky, directed by Keith Stammers-Bloxham, conducted by Desmond Wright.

Yeomen of the Guard 6 June 1963.
6 June 1963. Yeomen of the Guard.

TONIGHT AT 8.30 8 July 1964, Hofmeyr Theatre, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, CAPE PERFORMING ARTS COUNCIL (CAPAB) Anne and Webster appeared in Family Album with Yvonne Bryceland, Michael Drin, Nanette Rennie and Flora McKenna, directed by Margaret Inglis, conducted by Keith Jewell.

THE MERRY WIDOW October 1965, Bloemfontein. Anne directed this production in Bloemfontein.

The Merry Widow in Anne’s production in Bloemfontein. I don’t know her name. Do you?

THE LOVE POTION November 1966, Intimate Theatre, Johannesburg, PERFORMING ARTS COUNCIL OF THE TRANSVAAL (PACT), Anne, with Alec Bell, Fiona Fraser and Arthur Hall, directed by Ricky Arden. This show was not a success and came off early.

THE BARTERED BRIDE November (Pretoria) 14, 17, 20, 22 December 1966, (Johannesburg), Aula Theatre, Pretoria, Civic Theatre, Johannesburg, PERFORMING ARTS COUNCIL OF THE TRANSVAAL (PACT), Webster played non-singing role of Circus Master, with Gé Korsten, Nellie du Toit, Gert Potgieter and Oysten Liltveld, directed by Victor Melleney, conducted by Leo Quayle

The Bartered Bride?

COUNTESS MARITZA 1967, Pretoria. Anne and Webster either directed or appeared in this production or perhaps they did both.

KNYSNA 1967-1974

MERRIE ENGLAND 11  July 1968, Knysna and District Choral Society, Webster, Anne, Dorothy Davies, James Squier and Ena van der Vijver

CINDERELLA December 1968, Knysna. Anne played principal boy and wrote the script. Del le Roux, Ena van der Vijver, Dorothy Davies and Sadie Hamilton Cox were also in the cast.

Ena van der Vyver and Anne as principal boys.

PANTOMIME December 1969, Knysna, Anne played principal boy and wrote the script but I do not know the name of the pantomime.

COX AND BOX/TRIAL BY JURY ( Date?), Knysna, George, Oudtshoorn and Ladismith (Cape)

LADY AUDLEYS SECRET December 1971, Port Elizabeth Opera House, Port Elizabeth Musical and Dramatic Society. Anne produced this show.

Alys Tayler and Ted Mayhew in Lady Audley’s Secret, PE, 1971.

DICK WHITTINGTON December 1972, Port Elizabeth Opera House, PEMADS. Webster produced and conducted for this pantomime, while Anne played Principal Boy.

Rehearsing Dick Whittington in PE>

THE MIKADO 4 to 14 April 1973, Guild Theatre, East London, The East London Light Operatic Society, Pam Emslie, Colin Carney, Bernie Lee, Leigh Evans, Irene McCarthy, Jim Hagerty and Jimmy Nicholas. Webster produced this show.

Webster at rehearsal.
Me and June Evans
Me, June Evans and Neil Evans.
Me in The Mikado.
Me – back left with June Evans and other members of the chorus.

Updated 16 December 2019.


Anne and Webster settled in South Africa in mid-July 1956. I compiled the following lis of radio programmes from newspapers, magazines and personal diaries. Contact me if you can add more information to this list.

Anne and Webster settled in South Africa in mid-July 1956. I compiled the following lis of radio programmes from newspapers, magazines and personal diaries. Contact me if you can add more information to this list.

MOBILGAS MELODY WORLD 16 February 1956/57? Springbok Radio,

16 February 1956

Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth in a programme compèred by Michael Drinn.

LIGHT UP AND LAUGH – ITMA, December 1956

December 1956

Thirteen-week series on Springbok Radio, recorded at the Brooke Theatre. Webster (rather incongruously!) took Tommy Handley’s part in South African presentation of ITMA scripts.

ELDORADO, (Ralph Trewhela) 1957

Anne and Webster took the leading roles in this musical, directed by Frank Douglass, SABC Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Jeremy Schulman. Work commissioned by SABC for 21st anniversary programme.

AT HOME WITH ANNE, commenced on 21 January 1958. Anne presented this series on Springbok Radio. The programme was still running in July 1959.

DO YOU REMEMBER? 1959 to 24 April 1960, Anne and Webster presented weekly music programme on Springbok Radio on Sunday afternoon. They spoke about their illustrious careers and the people with whom they had worked.

Anne in a recording of a broadcast at SABC, 1963

CONCERT HOUR 1960 – English service of the SABC. SABC Concert Orchestra, Rita Roberts, Webster Booth, Asaf and Philharmonic Choirs, conducted by Anton Hartman.

DOUGLAS LAWS Record show, 4 October 1960. Anne and Webster appeared as guest artistes.

MESSIAH 8 December 1960 Webster sang tenor solos in the Port Elizabeth Oratorio Festival, conducted by Robert Selley.

TEST YOURSELF 1960. Anne and Webster presented this quiz show together on Springbok Radio.


On Wings of Song. 1961

8.30 pm, later Thursday, 9.20 pm, 1961

Webster presented a weekly programme of recordings (including some of their own) on the English Service.

DREAM OF GERONTIUS, MESSIAH, 27 November 1961. Port Elizabeth Oratorio Festival broadcast Monday and Wednesday at 8pm. Webster, with Emelie Hooke, Joyce Scotcher, Harold Hart, Port Elizabeth Orchestra, directed by Robert Selley.

27 November 1961 from Port Elizabeth.

GILBERT AND SULLIVAN 1962, 1963. When the copyright on Gilbert’s words ended, Webster presented a weekly programme on the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas on the English Service. During his illness in 1962, Paddy O’Byrne read the scripts of this programme.

Webster presents the Gilbert and Sullivan Radio programme January 1962.

DRAWING ROOM, April 1962

Webster presented a short series of drawing room concerts before a studio audience on the English Service. He and Anne sang in this series, and a number of guest artistes took part. He also sang duets with the bass, Graham Burns. The guest artistes were Doris Brasch, Rita Roberts, Gert Potgieter, Gé Korsten, Graham Burns, Jean Gluckman, Kathleen Allister and Walter Mony The accompanist was Anna Bender.

MUSIC FOR ROMANCE, August 1962. Anne presented a series of programmes in which she presented recordings and reminisced about her life and career in England.


Elijah and Messiah from Port Elizabeth.

Webster, Monica Hunter, Joyce Scotcher, and Graham Burns, conducted by Robert Selley. The complete oratorios were broadcast locally in the Eastern Cape. Excerpts were broadcast nationally later, but strangely none of Webster’s recordings were used in the national broadcast.

SUNDAY AT HOME, January 1963. English Service. Paddy O’Byrne conducted a fifteen minute interview with Anne and Webster at their home in Craighall Park.

GREAT VOICES, January 1963-1964. Webster presented this series on the English Service. He was criticised by the critic Jon Sylvester of The Star for including some of his own recordings, yet most people expected to hear Webster Booth the singer as well as Webster Booth, lately-turned broadcaster.

RECITAL WITH ORCHESTRA 8 April 1963. Anne and Webster sang a programme of duets, with orchestra conducted by Edgar Cree, on the English service.

I was Pooh Bah!

BALLADS OLD AND NEW, July 1963. Webster presented this short series on the English Service towards the end of 1963.

CHILDREN’S PROGRAMME 1963/64 Anne and Webster presented a series of children’s programmes, directed by Kathleen Davydd.

Nursery School Sing-Along.

SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE PALACE, November 1963. A short series, which attempted to recreate the atmosphere of the Music Hall on the English Service. Anne and Webster were guest artistes on this programme. 

Webster, Anne, Jeanette James and Bruce Anderson sing a quartet in the programme

OPERA AND OPERETTA, July 1964, Monday, 7.35 pm Webster returned to the English Service with this series.

IF THE SHOE FITS, Christmas 1964. Webster and Anne starred in this Christmas pantomime on the English Service.

TEN OCLOCK AND ALL’S WELL, September 1966. Webster was guest presenter for a week in this short series on the English Service.


Anne and Webster were soloists, with the SABC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Edgar Cree. Webster told Edgar Cree that he was not pleased with his voice and thought it was time for him to stop singing.

O lovely night (Anne and Webster)

Drink to me only with thine eyes (Anne)

Lehar medley (Anne and Webster)

The Holy City (Webster)

Love’s old sweet song (Anne and Webster)

We’ll gather lilacs (Anne and Webster)

Selection from Bitter Sweet (Anne and Webster)

MELODY MARKET, May 1967. Webster presented this programme in the early morning on the English Service.  “A sort of housewife’s choice,” was how he described it in a letter to me. It was the last programme for the SABC before leaving Johannesburg for Knysna a month or so later.

19 September 1966

SOUTH AFRICA A TOUCH OF THE BRITISH, 29 May 1973. BBC TV. Documentary. Anne and Webster appeared in this BBC TV documentary. Anne said that she had had enough of South Africa and wanted to go home to die. The programme ended with Anne and Webster singing We’ll gather lilacs.

PETER BROOMFIELD’S OPEN HOUSE, 20 March 1975. English Service. Anne and Webster were guests of Peter Broomfield on his morning programme, broadcast from Cape Town, on the English Service. Anne’s friend, Babs Wilson-Hill (Marie Thompson) who was on a visit from the UK, and Anne and Webster’s singing dog, Silva were also present in the studio. Silva sang along to a Harry Lauder record!

A MUSICIAN REMEMBERS, 19 and 26 October 1975. English Service. Webster reminisced about his career in the theatre.

A MUSICIAN REMEMBERS, 2 and 9 November 1975. English Service. Anne reminisced about her career in the theatre.

WOMENS’ WORLD, English Service, 1975 – Pamela Deal, who had conducted the first interview with Anne and Webster when they stopped off briefly on their way to Australia in 1948, interviewed them again when they decided to stop singing in public. They had given a farewell concert in Somerset West towards the end of 1975. This decision was rescinded when they moved back to the UK in early 1978 and found that people remembered them and wanted to see and hear them once again.

RADIO TODAY 1485 When Anne and Webster left South Africa their voices were rarely heard on South African radio. Ronald Charles, the broadcaster and musician who had been the musical director at Michaelhouse in the sixties, played several of Webster’s oratorio recordings from his personal collection on his classical request programme. As far as I know most of the 78s in the SABC record library were discarded, but as time passed, a number of their recordings were released on CD. Occasionally a recording was played on Uit Vergange se Dae on Radio Pretoria.

Paddy O’Byrne was always happy to play a recording when he was with the SABC and later at Radio Today, although his access to their recordings was extremely limited. Clare Marshall, on her Sunday morning programme, Morning Star on Radio Today 1485, is about the only broadcaster in South Africa to feature their recordings regularly. Sadly, Radio Today does not feature her excellent programme Morning Star any more.

Compiled by Jean Collen. Updated in 2019. 


I have removed the posts about my teenage diaries from this website as I have published a PDF file entitled Extracts from my Teenage Diaries, available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/jean-collen/extracts-from-my-teenage-diaries/ebook/product-24359810.html

I have removed the posts about my teenage diaries from this website as I have published a PDF file entitled Extracts from my Teenage Diaries, available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/jean-collen/extracts-from-my-teenage-diaries/ebook/product-24359810.html

Extracts from my Teenage Diaries (1960 – August 1963) by Jean Collen.

Jean Collen 15 December 2019

PAMELA DAVIES (née JAMES) (1926 – December 2019)

I “met” Pam when she contacted me after Anne’s death in 2003 as she had read one of my articles on the internet. At the time I was writing my book, Sweethearts of Song: A Personal Memoir of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. She too had hoped to write a book about her association with them. We decided to collaborate and her book Do You Remember Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth? was published at the same time as mine in 2006.

Pamela Davies (née James)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pamela-davies.jpg

Pamela Davies was born Pamela James in London in 1926. She studied at London University and at Reading’s Graduate School of European Studies. After completing her degrees she taught French and German and visited the USA and Germany in connection with her teaching career. She met her future husband, Walter Davies, at a German evening class and they were married in 1969.

Pamela studied singing as a hobby and did some solo work as well as singing in various choirs. Coincidentally, her singing teacher was the mother of a young woman who appeared in And So to Bed with Anne and Webster in the early 1950s. Pamela and Walter retired to a 300-year old cottage in Worcestershire, the heart of Elgar Country. Walter died in the early 2000s.

Church House, Great Comberton.

Pamela was particularly interested in the music of Edward Elgar. Her other interests were antiques, historic houses, and reading French and German. She was a guide at a historic house in the Great Comberton area and visited China, Russia and New Zealand and Australia later this year. She was a cat lover and owned two rescued cats.

Pamela, as a teenage evacuee from London, first heard Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth singing on the radio in 1944. She took an immediate liking to their voices and became their firm fan, listening to their singing on the radio and attending many of their concerts, films, and the musical play in which they starred in 1945, entitled Sweet Yesterday. She obtained their autographs at one of these concerts and had a brief conversation with Webster.

She mentioned in her book Do You Remember Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth? that she and her fellow teaching students gathered round the radio to listen to the Victory Royal Command Performance in November 1945 to hear Anne and Webster singing. She made extensive notes of all their radio appearances and the concerts in which they had appeared and which she had managed to attend.

In 1956 Anne and Webster moved to South Africa for twenty-two years, but Pamela never forgot them. When she heard that they had returned to the UK in 1978 she wrote a letter of appreciation to them. This was the beginning of her correspondence with Anne. Pamela and Walter attended Webster Booth’s Memorial Service at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, which led to them taking Anne out to lunch whenever they were in the North Wales area, and the growth of their friendship with Anne.

I “met” Pam when she contacted me after Anne’s death in 2003 as she had read one of my articles on the internet. At the time I was writing my book, Sweethearts of Song: A Personal Memoir of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth. She too had hoped to write a book about her association with them. We decided to collaborate and her book Do You Remember Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth? was published at the same time as mine in 2006.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2019-12-11_132513.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is do-you-remember-december-cover-01.jpg
Do You Remember Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth? by Pamela Davies

We kept in touch with each other after the books were published and corresponded with Jean Buckley at the same time. Unfortunately, the postal system in South Africa was failing and Pam was not computer-literate so our correspondence faltered slightly until she obtained a tablet and gradually learnt to use it. 

Pam became increasingly deaf which was very sad indeed as the music she loved was distorted by her deafness. Recently she left her beautiful cottage in Great Comberton and moved into a frail care home. She had a very bad fall and died a few days ago, at the age of 93. I will treasure all the beautiful letters she wrote to me when the postal system in South Africa was more reliable than it is today. I will always remember her with love.

Jean Collen – 13 December 2013.